August 21st, 2005

DJs on the playa?

I don't really like planning things for the Burn, but I was wondering if anyone heard about DJs who will be playing at various camps. Opulent Temple seems to have big plans, and I've only heard about Lee Combs so far from them.
Freq Nasty is supposedly playing a set with Space Island out at the Temple of Dreams on Wed as well. Anyone have other insight?
Adam Freeland will also be playing somewhere.

The days before leaving are going by sooooo slow!!


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this will be my fourth year at burning man but it will be the first year that i am not camping with a theme camp. there are 13 of us in our group and we are building a shade structure. how does one go about finding a place to camp if you dont belong to a theme camp? do we have to register our group somewhere or do we just pick a spot and set up camp?

dj lookin for some possible space to make some noise?

generally i play  nu / hard nrg and hard house - wondering if anyone here could point me in a good direction to find someone who might appriciate these sounds?

not really looking to push my superstar status or anything like that - my music is just something i love and i think would be one of the best gifts i could bring to the community!

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Ok, I am planning to leave for the burn on the 24th. However I don’t think all my stuff is going to fit in my little Jetta. I was wondering if there was anyone in who had a large truck or possibly any room in their car to take carry some extra stuff.
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I just got this in my email from the Shady Asylum Burn list... not really Burning Man related, but it really gives you food for thought. If the mod doesn't want it in here, I'll delete.

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Very scary.