August 22nd, 2005

friendly reminder

Because I would have forgotten if my dad hadn't reminded me yesterday:

Don't forget to hold your mail while you're gone.

In the US, you can do it online at

And don't forget to pay any rent or bills that might be due while you're away.

Safe journeys everyone!

Tent for sale

Edit: This tent has been spoken for. Thank you!

Due to last minute-ness, I still have this tent for sale....


I've got a huge 7 person tent that I have to get rid of. You can fit 2 airbeds in it plus a bunch of other stuff and still have room to change, walk around, etc. Great for tall people as it's over 6' high in the center.

It's seen BM once, and I've laundered it well. Everything's intact except I've somehow misplaced the carry bag along the way. But from what I recall it's no great loss as it was too small anyway. It comes with the wimpy little tie down stakes, but of course the first thing you should do is toss them and get some rebar. The mesh is unripped, no broken or missing parts, it's clean, in the box even.

Why am I getting rid of it? We need every square inch in our truck, not to mention the money for gas.

It's a $129 tent that I'm asking $50 for- firm, cash. If you or anyone you know needs a great tent that can be put up by one person in about 10 minutes, let me know. NO FLAKES please.

I'm located in the SF bay area, San Mateo to be specific, though I'm willing to take it down to Cupertino/San Jose or try figure out something about getting it to SF.

The pictures are here and I took photos without the rainfly as it was in the washer at the time. But you can see what it looks like with the rainfly on the box.

Please reply to my email which is at the top of the tent photo webpage. Thanks!
dust, theman04

Killer Klown Kaptured, Konvicted

Remember that crazy assault last year, when a clown beat some guy up and stole his bike? Well, thanks to some hard work by Burners he has been caught and convicted:

A man dressed as a clown who assaulted another man and stole his bicycle at last year's Burning Man festival has been sentenced after the victim's friends tracked down the disguised assailant.

Dennis Hinkamp had to have two plates implanted in his arm after the attack at the annual counterculture festival on the Black Rock Desert.

Though his attacker disappeared into the crowd of painted and costumed celebrants, Hinkamp's friends launched an Internet search to find him.

They linked him to a group called Anarchoclowns, and finally to a hospital in Washington, where Johnny Goodman was a nursing student.

via warrenelliscom
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Happy to be Nappy2


I'm sure that this was talked about before I joined the community, but I couldn't find it in the archives...

Is there going to be an "official Livejournal community" meetup on the playa at some point? Can someone give me details if there will be?

Thanks, and please don't smack me upside the head too hard. :)

Scooter vs the playa

Has anyone had any experiance with scooters on the playa?

I bought a 2$ little scooter at a garage sale and was thinking of tricking it out all badass andt bringing it to BM. It is one of those fold and carry kinds with almost like skateboard wheels. I am worried that the wheels may be too low to the ground/small to cope with playa dust.

anyone ever bring a scooter?

Any Center Camp Cafe peeps here?

This will be my first time out. I know that no matter how much I talk to people about it and how much research and prep I do, I'm still gonna be completely floored when I get there. I'm looking forward to getting my head scrambled, it might help sort a few things back into place.

Anyways, does anybody here work in the Center Camp Cafe? I'm looking to mebbe make some more contacts with folk before I walk out there in a blind haze.
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one question

events you'll be hosting/attending on the playa?

hi folks,

the anticipation is killing me slowly, but i think i'll make it out there--i have a fine distracting road trip starting in about 40 hours and some good company for the long drive from austin. my art is coming together tonight, now that i've finished all the necessities.

so now a fool wants to know what's happening on the playa! i'll be greeting a few shifts (notably 8-12 on weds and the wee hours of tuesday morning) and doing some playainfo help, lamplighting and post officery, but i have little planned aside from my art and volunteerism (if you spy a 17' long graffiti board out next to a hammock-bearing shade structure, stop by and add to it; if you spy a guy covered in henna tattoos with purple hair stop me and add to my body art!).

i'm wondering what events you folks are hosting and what else is out there that you consider must-see? i'll be doing some yoga when i can manage it and whatever else happens to float by, but i'd love to hear what you know about so i can add to my list of "should do this" type thingies while i'm out there =)

this will be my second big burn, and while i'm feeling comparatively overprepared, i'm all happy at the prospect of a return home. *burble burble smirk whee*