August 23rd, 2005

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More info on the big steam locomotive

Okay, the steam locomotive will be making a service stop in Gerlach itself on Tuesday, August 30. I just confirmed that. It will probably be there between 1 and 2 PM, but could arrive anytime between noon and 4 PM.

I am told they are going to put on a bit of a show when they pass Black Rock City (whistle, smoke, etc.) before they do their water stop in Gerlach.

They're looking forward to seeing Burners out there. It has been suggested that everyone be on the south side of the railroad tracks to minimize the crowd in Gerlach itself. Also, BE CAREFUL. This is a live railroad. Do not park next to the tracks or be walking on them. When it arrives, follow the instructions of the crew.

It sounds like the crew would like to do a photo shoot with as many Burners as they can with the locomotive itself. In Playa regalia, partly clad, nude, body painted, whatever, provided we can do it in a way that does not upset the folks in Gerlach or get the police down on us. And, as mentioned, since this is a crew of guys, they would really like to have lady Burners posing with their engine.

I've been told the bus would be a good option for those who are already in the city. For those coming up on Tuesday who want to stop, just remember to not clog up the highway and be careful when/if you cross the road.

This is all totally unofficial. Just taking advantage of their water stop to give the Burners a little treat.

Water in/around SLC?

Hey Burners-

My campmates and I drive from Minneapolis/St. Paul on our way out to BRC. Typically, in the interest of fuel economy and trailer weight, we've waited to fill up our water jugs until we're in Salt Lake City, our last major stop before the playa. This year, our water source moved out east. Anyone know of a place we could borrow a hose or get cheap water somewhere in the area? (In St. Paul there are cheap water taps at breweries, for instance.) We have a camp of ~10, so it's a significant amount.

Otherwise, we'll just fill up before we leave.

Thanks, and see you on the playa!
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I realize the this is horribly last minute to post here
I am probably too late even if there WAS a chance
and that this is even a long shot as it is....
but I figure it can't hurt to ask.

Is there any burner or group of burners who are driving back east via I-80 the following weekend after the end of Burning Man? (again I know, I know... what are the chances of THAT happening)

Reason I ask is the Monday that concludes the week of Burning Man I am returning to my home in the Sacramento area of California.... finish packing up my world (I am getting most of it done before i leave for BM).... and moving to Ohio. And it would be nice to have a caravan in case you or I have any car troubles.... plus company is always a plus for at least a portion of the ride.

Please don't let this detract from my above request.... but here is a Collapse ).

Twin City Burner needs a ride, has money

A good friend of mine is needing a ride down to BM this year. He has gone with me for the last two years and is very reliable. If you have room for him please e-mail me at jon AT (replace the AT with @ of course).

Also, if anyone is going to be arriving on Sunday evening and has room to carry a good amount of wood, let me know. I can pay some money for gas if you can get it there. Otherwise it is going on top of my car and I am just going to hope it holds.

what do they expect out of me?!?

How am I supose to sit here calmly at work when I have nothing to do but think about how I leave for Burning Man in just a little over 24 hours.

I am going crazy...I want to run around in circles, I want to claw off all my skin, I want to scream and jump up and down.

You know that special tingly feeling you get in your bathing suit area when you go to high on the swings or are about to go over the drop on a roller coaster.

I have had that for three days.

You can se me shiver with anticipation.

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Intro and Video

Hey all you LJ Burners!!!

I'm HalcyonPink and hope I see some of you at home.
This is my 8th year to the Playa. I'm a lustmonkey ( and this year have evolved into a Passion Pig. This year's playa blog maintained by my gf, tassypink:

We also have a Video Blog and I just uploaded a video of me sharing my Burning Man "tips and tricks" with tassy. With BONUS footage of us making the famous pink fur bikes.

24 megs wmv file
(20 min)

See you at home!!(oh, another BM vid is at

NWS pic after cut
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Before you head out... a little safety tip

So your ready to go to the desert... you've got your water... your food... everything that your gonna need for a week in the middle of some of the most extreme environment in the world. You may be the absolute safest person in the world... never had an accident in your life. But the playa has a wierd way of warping peoples perceptions of safe. Remember... whats safe to you... may not be safe to others. Keep an eye out around you and whats going on in your surroundings. While you may be enjoying your 8th mixed drink... just walking along... The person with the flame thrower 5 feet from ya may be on his 15th drink... and just a little skewed in his perceptions. A trip to the hospital in Reno can really suck right in the middle of the event. Enjoy yourself above all else... but always keep an open eye. Remember... safety third.
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Homeward Bound in T minus 3 days and counting...

Ka Palina camp at 4:30 and Ego is having a Pig Roast on Friday night.
It'll probably be the only time I'm not distracted by shiny objects long enough to be there... :)

Check out the Audilisk, a 10-foot tall monolith near the man, spewing spoken word and ambient music, including my monologue from the movie "Sound and Light"...
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Rideshare offer (I-80 East post-burn)

I'm on my way to Black Rock right now (I'm in a hostel in SLC at present), and would like to offer a ride to/from the Playa

I'm offering two rides at present:
I will be heading to Black Rock from Reno on Thursday morning (I'm volunteering with Emergency Services, which means I need to be on site for a Friday AM shift).

Post-event, I will be heading back to Boulder, CO (I-80 East until Cheyenne, WY, then I-25 south to denver). I will more than likely be leaving on Monday 9/5.

I have room for one passenger plus hand luggage (a large expedition backpack would be about the extent of it). Splitting driving is optional (automatic transmission), splitting gas is preferable (subaru wagon, so it's not a guzzler).

Either leave a comment for me here, or find me in the City. I'll be living at Med Camp (9 and Bipolar, behind the medic station). Either ask for KK or (easier) leave a note on the maroon subaru with no roof rack and a Washington license plate. Stop by and say hi regardless :)
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