August 24th, 2005

The burningman camping checklist

And extended philosophical treatise, based on 12 years of this madness.

2011: Note! Tickets are Sold out!

Refer to the Burningman website for more details!

OK, so a friend (Ranger Wish!) mentioned that my 5 (8?!?!) year old post, was still showing up on Google searches. In fact came up as a very early entry. So, I updated the old post, (as Google still points to it) and am posting it here, behind a cut.

If time permits, I will add a bit about Bikes as well, as someone suggested in 2009. This is long and involved, and has *evolved* over the last 5 years. There are some plugs for people and companies that are pretty cool. If you have issues with corporate America and or Consumerism, that is fine, you can Gloss over that stuff.

Hint: It takes a lot of technology, manufacturing, effort and "stuff" to make this "gift economy" work. Especially if you *expect* people to give you everything you need to survive. Please prepare appropriately.

So, after 5 years to cook and congeal here is my newly minty fresh Camping list:

I wrote this, as a lark, pulling from a series of lists, some from REI, (where I was working) and some from the Sierra Club (where I was taking a survival course).

Little did I know, that it would be around 10 years later, much less that Google would pick it up, on one of their spider searches, and that a few thousand people would be looking at it.

First and Foremost: Take nothing to the Playa, you would not willing throw into a fire. Simple sounding, Right? Think about it. People she shiny stuff, they covet it, you lose track of reality, they *help* you lose track of reality, and suddenly that camera bag, with 11 lenses is "gone". So, before you pack, think twice.

OTOH: I love other lists. My (real life) friend Crunchy makes a great one. Someone emailed her 2 years ago, "I spent 3,000 dollars to get all the stuff on your list".

Um. "Duh?" (these are suggestions people!)

I love this one too!

I hilight something as:
RED: when I need to obtain/borrow/buy it
Yellow: When it is sitting in a pile in my livingroom
Green: when it is packed, in a sealed container, with a number on the bin. The bin number, is put into the comment section.

Obsess much? (yep!)---- Then I print a (color!)hardcopy to help me find stuff!

Regardless of which list you use, These are ***suggestions***.

They can be spread out among the people in your car, or your whole camp, or you can show up with flip-flops, a Linus blanket, and 3/4 of a gallon of water. (Don't!!!!). But this may help you think...

2011 Update: Driving!

I-80 between Sacramento and Reno is Fuxxored this year, due to nearly continuous construction and detours. Expect *hours* of delays. 395 route, from Southern CA is absolutely preferred, this year. Details and live map link:

Also: 395 driving, Gasoline!

There is a tribal owned gas station *just north* of Bishop on 395. On the left (West) side of the street, across from the Beef Jerky place. Don't panic, but it is past *all* the other gas stations located inside Bishop.

Because they are tribal owned, (it is on-site with a Casino), gas tends to be as much as 40 cents a gallon cheaper. (no state/federal taxes!)

40 cents might not sound like a lot, until you are filling a 100 gallon RV tank.


It will be 2.6 miles north of the center of Bishop. You will already have made the left turn, heading up towards mammoth.

Paiute Palace Gas Station
2750 North Sierra Highway, Bishop, CA

(760) 872-1224

(google map, showing distance from center of Bishop to Gas station)

If you like all the effort, we put into it... stop by Greeters Camp (6:00 and D street, directly behind center Camp), ask for Enigma. Topless Deb can tell you if I am sleeping, playing, or sitting in my "shelter".

Trinkets, pictures and gifts are always appreciated. There is a card table out front of my space as well... for such things!

So. Here goes the update:

Collapse )

Leave No Trace

Leave No Trace means that the playa should never bear any marks of the default world upon it.

It is deliberately silent, however, about the default world being marked by the playa.

I challenge you not just to go "home" this year - but to bring home back with you.

To all appearances, the rest of the world desperately needs it. Drink deeply, as if you will be bringing water back for those who remain, and thirst that much more because of it.

(no subject)

This is just my pre-burn proclamation of my arrival.. This is my third year. Burning Man has changed my life, but that's hardly a rare case, but I hope that I can offer as much as anyone, just a bit of spontaneity to the playa. I need it badly this year, and so I'm going on unpaid vacation, when I barely make ends meet as it is, making 6.50 an hour. Working as a record store clerk is a glamorous job, but not one that pays well..

I think it's important before any burn to think of how you've grown as a burner and I've grown a lot. This will be my first burn as a true adult. My first burn in 2003 was shortly after I turned 18, but now, 20, I have a place of my own and I finally stand on my own two legs, trying to find the time to prepare for my most important ritual all year. My second fire staff is completed and it will be lit up for the first time at Burning Man.

All I'm really saying, is to keep an eye out for me. Long, near-black hair, three lip piercings, and I intend to spend the burn wearing tights, fake fur, dyed denim, and fishnets. I'm curious what sort of burners have livejournals and of course I never pass up the opportunity to meet people on the playa. This is the year that I distance myself from Camp Synaesthesia and make more than just small talk with strangers on the playa.

Less than a week now until we're all home.

(no subject)

I am giving a ride to a kid (he's 18) I found on Craigslist. It's his first year. He was hoping he could join my theme camp, but our camp is full.

He seems nice enough, really appreciative, and says he'll work hard. Does anyone know where I can send him to find a theme camp that is accepting people? I checked a few tribes on, but the task is daunting!

I am hoping I can help him find a camp of friendlies. Got any ideas? I've always gone with a theme camp of friends, so I am clueless about what to tell him.


Good Burn to you brothers & sisters

2 years in one direction
1 year in another
into the unknown

my heart aches
another week home
lost to the every day
to the mundane

I console myself
knowing my spirit will walk with you
although my flesh remains

think of the girl in the northeast
when the sun shines
and the dust comes
and the ash is still warm

I will be embracing you from afar
hoping that inspiration fills you
brotherhood connects you
and creation keeps you well
and safe

leave nothing of yourself
on the playa
but your dreams
for another homecoming
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I have a prediction:
The number of posts in this community will dramatically decrease over the next few days, and will all but disappear around the weekend of Sept. 3rd. and 4th. I have foreseen it!

If you happen to be anywhere near 6th on Ego or Fetish and see a sign that says, "Aryx' Camp" propped against a trailer (it falls a lot in the wind) you can bet that it's probably me.
Camp Hey! (or Hey! Camp) should be nearby (I hope), so stop by and say, "Hey!"
Gonna try to have a (cheap) Wine & Cheese Tasting sometime later in the week -- bring your own cup/glass/mug/jubjub/etc. (Probably a good idea to stop by early just to make sure it's going to happen, and when.)

See you all at home!

Thanks again!

I just wanted to thank everyone for the advice that y'all have given me recently (on everything from general pros and cons of BM, goggles, food, etc.) I am very thankful that y'all took the time to share your thoughts and advice with me and I feel more prepared than I would have if I had tried to go it alone. Thank you thank you!

I'll see you out there. I'll be in The Dicky Box Camp if you feel like stopping by and saying hi!!

- Kitty Kitty Bang Bang

in response to...

A friend wrote:

Aug 22, 2005 11:55 PM Subject: national fuck gas day Body: Dont Buy gas on

September 3rd!!!!
Boycotting the gas company will decrease the price dramatically. Ive checked into it and if over half the US didnt buy gas for 1 day, the gas companys would be close to bankrupcy!!! So Lets show them how to lower gas prices. So repost this to all your friends. We have to get the word out. Its NATIONAL DONT BUY GAS DAY!!!
So repost it!!!

And yes


I wrote:

The reason why gas prices are lower here in the US than anywhere else in the world is because the government subsidizes it in order to keep people driving their huge oversized gas guzzling SUV’s all over the planet, to the grocery store and to pick their kids up from school. People in Europe pay over twice what Americans pay for gas (and better quality gas too that burns much cleaner). Not to mention in most other first world countries, the lowest octane grade of gas available is 91. So in my opinion, Americans should like the rest of the world, be paying 5 bucks a gallon to force them to cut down on the amount they’re driving, and choose more gas efficient cars and means of transportation.

Moreover, it is because our gas prices are so low here in comparison to the rest of the world and because we insist and believe that this lifestyle we live here is a necessity that there is currently a war going on in the Middle East. Furthermore, it is largely due to gas prices, and the fact that the auto industry in America more or less pays out cities and the states to build more roads instead of investing in better public transportation systems that this war is going on and innocent civilians and our brothers and friends are dieing fighting for what… lower gas prices. It is because of this that… it is no wonder there is so much animosity towards Americans in other parts of the world! So, lets all ponder this for awhile! So why don’t you forward this on… everyone… petition for higher gas prices.

Please, anyone who knows anything more about this issue comment because I was, for the most part going on reactionary impulses and talking out my ass.

.... ok, so most of us are going to be on the playa... that doesnt help much of anything regarding this does it...?
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