August 25th, 2005

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Last Minute

i have a ticket (but you would need to pick it up)
i am in the L.A.
i will be at casa de fruta for the weekend
ticket costs 185 (175 plus initial fees)
the person who was going to buy it will be noble and pay for it if no one buys it, but i would rather see it used.
let me know!!!!

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iPods run on playa dust?

As we all lose our shit with excitement over getting to BM in just a few short days, I have another random question for you:

What do you think about or what have your experiences been with bringing iPods or other mp3 players to the playa?

We're planning on bringing them along to keep us groovin' on the long drive from San Diego but I'm worried about having them at Black Rock. I'm planning on keeping mine safe and out of trouble in the car but am concerned that it will get too hot in there and hurt the battery. I'd rather not keep it in camp and even then it might get too hot. What do y'all think?
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(no subject)

dear people,
please send me good and healing energy because i think i may have an ear infection, and i'm supposed to be leaving for burning man on monday, plus i do not have thousands of dollars to go to a doctor about it.

(no subject)

hello friends im a fire conclave fire spinner that has failed to buy a ticket and i cant aford to pay full price so if anyone can help me find a cheaper ticket than $250 i will be forever in you dept and to anyone that can help i might be able to get you into the great circle the night of the burn.


greg )'(

ps you can call me as well (925)292-1354

(no subject)

All this pre-BM posting is driving me nuts!
I want to go sooooo bad it's killing me. So many people so excited about leaving (and you should be) I've seen people say "See you at Home"
I wanna gooooooo
Next year for sure!


So does anybody know when the Will Call opens officially?

The website says the 29th.
But my friend (who is working medical and is arriving on Saturday) says he was told by his supervisor that we can arrive on the 27th.
He just sent him/her an email asking for confirmation on this information, but he said not to expect a reply back for a while

I have ticket in hand, and my ride has his ticket at will call, and we were originally planning on arriving on Saturday night or Sunday morning, but now this new bit of confusion has thrown a possible kink in our plans.

I know of WAY too many people who are arriving on Saturday and Sunday for the website to be right... but I'd also hate to doubt the website and be stuck outside the gates for 24+ hours.

Any advice?
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Black Rock International Burner Hostel

I am forwarding the following message from Hagey at the BRIBH. The first setback was the theft of a vehicle and trailer with shade structure. This is much worst.


In a nutshell, the authorities are SHUTTING US down, due to complaints
by a FEW neighbors who know how to use "The System" to their advantage.

We were BOMBARDED today by officials from the City of Sparks, County
Health Department, Sparks Police, and Sparks Fire Department.

Effectively, we cannot house or assist most of the people who are
expecting to find friends here, an oasis, shelter, rides, and support.

We need people to come here, but park away from here, and NOT park on
this street, walk down here, and ADOPT people who need your help, and
take them away from here as rapidly as possible, starting tomorrow and
all through Monday and Tuesday, and do whatever is necessary to give
them the Burning Man experience they were expecting, and the
hospitality they were expecting.

Please show the World what Burners can do to support one another when
they are unified and inspired.

We need a MIRACLE here!

TWO ENORMOUS setbacks this year is too much to bear...

Please do not e-mail us or call us on the phone, which only makes
things worse.

Please help these people.

This BRIBH is now effectively only a footnote in History after many
years of success and will no longer exist at this location in the

Please pass along this message to any and all list of concerned

Hagey. Very sad, in tears, frustrated, angry, and exhausted.
Press the button
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Megaphone cheetsheet (AKA Space Cowboys on the playa)

Hello Friendly Person:

It’s the day after Space Cowboy’s last BM planning meeting, which means two things: first, I’m a little hung over, and second, it’s time to announce scheduled Mog appearances on the playa. But before diving into that, I want to address a subject that can greatly impact overall enjoyment on the playa: the man with the megaphone. Used to be the man with the megaphone was a highly skilled performer, an artist of volume and words, weaving an awe-striking tapestry of insults and debasement in which all the playa could derive pleasure. But the years has seen quality erode, and nowadays just about any asshole can pickup a megaphone and make noise. In the interest of ensuring some qualitative baseline, I’d like to suggest a few megaphone one-liners, that all megaphone operators should have in their back pocket. If you or someone you know operates a megaphone on the playa I encourageyou to jot these classics down and then in the event that wit fails, you'll have this cheatsheet:
To a stoner: SHUT UP, STONER!
To a tweaker: FUCK OFF, TWEAKER!
To a raver: GO TO BED, RAVER!
To a goth: HAVE A NICE DAY!
And to all the DJs who want to play on your sound system: FUCK NO, YOU JEALOUS BITCH!*


*Special message for DJs interested in playing on the Mog: As you might imagine we get quite a few requests from DJs, like yourself, who are gracious enough to offer up their talent to the Unimog. We've crafted aresponse to these requests, which I will share with you now: FUCK NO, YOU JEALOUS BITCH!

(We don't really book many DJs prior to the playa, it's just too much of a pain in the ass, and schedule would inevitably get thrown out the window. Instead, just find us out on the playa; Kapt’n Kirk is our DJ wrangler this year, so talk to him first.)

#### And now our upcoming playa events ####

8/30 - Tuesday night – FALSE PROFIT
Space Cowboys goes way back with the False Profit freaks, so I expect this first Welcome Back To The Playa party could turn very ugly indeed.
4:30 & Amnesia (One block back from our camp at 4:30 and Esplanade)

8/31 – Wednesday – EARTH GUARDIANS
Bringing the gift of BOOM to the those who give us the gift of LNT.

...and later that night (technically Thursday morning)

We’re going to haul our madness over to the Greeter\Station to help our good friends from Paradox Lounge will be doing their civic duties while shaking their cute booties.

9/1 – Thursday – HOUSE OF LOTUS
Look for DJs from Space Cowboys deck wrecking with their Ho-o’-Lo pals at the funky yellow temple on the corner of 10 & Esplanade. We’re playing around 10PM, to be followed by some of the best SF DJ talent around.

...also on Thursday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAMI (my lovely fiancée) - love you, sweetie!

9/2 – Friday: Day – DEEP END
It’s time to rock out with our Mog out! Out in the sun that is, we’re making a rare daytime appearance for all the love and glory we can garner. 9:00 & Catharsis

...and later that night we’re having a little soirée we like to call...

Look for us—the Mog, the bar, the mayhem—somewhere by Flaming Lotus Girls. Nuff said.

9/3 – Saturday – WTF?!
Nothing else on the books for Saturday, but I’m sure something will come up… it always does. If you have any brilliant ideas, please share.

All Sabbath, all the time.
@ Carp Camp

########### AND COMING UP AFTER THE BURN ###########

Look for us in the Love Parade on Sept. 24, 2005—we’ve got the pole position!

And just so y’all are aware, Breakfast of Champions 2006 is in the works.