August 26th, 2005


...and then there's only LOVE.

Thanks to all who answered my Q yesterday about arrival before sunday midnight.

After most replies I was just just planning to change my arrival to the playa to Sunday late afternoon (get a good place in the car line for the midnight "madness".)

I just called my camp host to tell her that because of these complications that we would not be arriving until Sunday night/monday morning.

She told me that if i meet her in Reno and then we all drive in together... that if I am physically WITH her at the time of arrival that since we are part of her camp that we should have no problem getting in (since we ARE part of the camp even though no actual names were given for any kind of official early list). Also, she direly needs the help setting up the camp, which I am MORE than happy to do, assuming we have no problems getting in.

I am going to risk it and just go on Saturday with her.
Besides, if there's any problems I am prepared for 10 days in the wilderness and have lots of crossword puzzle books to keep me occupied :oP.

. . . . . . . . . . .

Come and see me at the "...and then there's only love" camp @ 4:30 and Fetish.
ask for Blue. :o)

And remember that painted dust mask pic I posted a few days back?
Well, I made a bunch more and posted them on a site for my friends to check them out...
By the way... I am gifting these out this week @ BM.
Here's the link in case you want to see them too.

Looking for a place to camp (and work)

Hi folks,

I am in the last throes of planning for my first Burn after years of Burner events but always needing to be elsewhere on Labor Day weekend. Despite the last-minute nature of this trip, I'm in pretty good shape and even have food and water needs taken care of. The only thing I don't have are people with whom to camp, because all of my friends are in camps that were closed to new folks by the time I made my decision.

I will be arriving Tueday and departing Monday morning and am ready and willing to help out as needed. I'd love to volunteer somewhere, in fact, at such late date, I just don't know where to go. As noted, I don't need food or water -- I just want intentional neighbors.

(I am a 31 year old female/vegan/computergeek/artist/massagetherapist/assorted-other-labels, if any of that is relevant. Thanks for any tips, pointers, etc. :)
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URL Warning (cross post)

Got a call from a friend, who passed on a warning...
Apparently a BRC Ranger saw a pic of our Passion Pigs sign on and said we need to remove the url from it or else we'll be asked to take it down. Apparently the world wide web is only a place for commercial endeavors in the eyes of Burning Man. Strange.

Here's a NWS collage of some of our Burning Man prep (including the flag WITH url)

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Just a quick reminder as we head out...
Don't risk your life trying to avoid hitting any jackrabbits that may run across the road in front of you. There are thousands and thousands out there. Crashing your vehicle because you were trying to avoid hitting one isn't a nice way to start your burn. The other wildlife out there won't starve because there is one less rabbit to eat.