August 29th, 2005

dance with you~

i wish i could be at burning man with all of you!!! some day i will!

many blessings to of my favorite seattle musicians will be playing there this year:

jason webley! brilliant musician shaman like kind soul... i made a video of one of his songs if you wanna hear it see my journal=

the drinking song video:

i wanna dance naked in body paint around a big fire with you all!!!
cheeRs, shannon

With a tear...

This is the first time I will not be attending the Burn since I first started going... to all on the playa, I miss you and although I may not physically be there my spirit hovers above. If anyone down there happens to read this during the event please stop by my camp MASH 4207 at Amnesia and 3:00 and and say hello for me. -Bullseye