August 30th, 2005

Darwin Chainsaw

Big Steam Engine update and On My Way

For those who will be stopping in Gerlach to see the big railroad steam locomotive that will be stopping there tomorrow, it is still looking to be on schedule. Target for Gerlach arrival is 2:00 PM and they will be staying for 30-60 minutes. Could arrive earlier or later, however, depending on traffic. Word I have is that they will be putting on a big smoky, noisy show for everyone in the city, then stopping in Gerlach for water and the let everyone get a close look and get pictures.

And, I am on my way tomorrow AM. See everyone playaside.
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urgent message for the peeps in the 3:00 plaza!!!


Juju is arriving in Reno on Southwest flight 1773 from LAX on WEDNESDAY at 1 pm.

If'n you see my boy Dead Meat, please tell him to be there. A day early. He's at Fusion Valley, but you can pass the message along to anyone at Kathanika or the Bad Idea Theater. Fuck, someone, please go shout it out at the 3:00 plaza: juju's coming in early! Go collect her sorry ass!



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Well, the best laid plans....

Seems the steam train crew stopped last night to help fight a big fire just east of Elko, NV. In doing this, they drained all their extra water (this should hit a chord with us) from their auxiliary water tenders.

This morning, they are refilling and tending to some mechanical items. I just got word about 20 minutes ago that the train is delayed an estimated 3-1/2 to 4-1/2 hours.

They will still be stopping in Gerlach, but it probably won't be until some time around 6:00 PM. If you see this post and are stopping in Gerlach, if anyone is waiting please let them know.

Thanks! Heading up in 1 hour...
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