September 6th, 2005


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Best moment all week out at Burning Man:

Around thursday, I was tired of walking around with the sun beating down upon me. As I was thinking of walking to center camp to just crash on one of the couches out there, I came across a tiny theme camp at about 7 PM and esplanade. It was a tent full of couches. On one side, there was an Indian-looking female that was making faces masks for people. The couches looked comfy enough so I just plopped down on one of them to close my eyes. I chose one in the front. As I layed there, I realized that I was absolutely way too exhausted to fall asleep. But my couch was one of the front ones, and the view was the most amazing, peaceful, view ever. Clear blue day and I could see the entire esplanade and it was soooo beautiful. I layed there for an hour and a half under the shade daydreaming. I couldn't believe where I was at. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It was heavenly bliss.

Best large scale Mutant Vehicle:

The flower art car, that was on a crane. Was it called a "lotus"? Not sure. It grew, and the flower expanded. So beautiful. ...and made by friends of mine :)

Best small art car:

1) Watching Pac-Man chase around one of the blue ghosts all around the playa at night. Two seperate cars.

2) I saw a mobile phone. No really... it was driving down the street.

Center Camp Cafe

No pictures to post here, just some thoughts.

I spent nearly my entire burn in the cafe working the late night and early morning shifts. I had an absolute blast for the second time. For those of you I met, I was the tall guy in the black utilikilt, black head scarf, loud loud voice. (yeah, like everyone else there too!)

Thank you all for a wonderful time, and specifically thank you to the Cafe volunteers that I got to work with that made my burn the wonderful time it was. I didn't have a chance to get some of your contact info, so here I am instead.