September 14th, 2005

passion pig


here's a small photo gallery of halcyonpink and i playing on colossus this year. we didn't see/interact with as much art as we'd hoped, but at least we got a few shots of this one, how could you miss it, it's huge!

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some random words that never get to any point...

So it is Wednesday, September 14, 2005, and school starts in 15 days, but that hasn’t the slightest bit of relation as to what this e-blurb is about. It is 10:01 in the morning and I just awoke at my mom’s house in a small town that no one has ever heard of which is located somewhere almost directly between San Jose and San Francisco California, and that I have heard once or twice being referred to as the center of the universe. However, these references are for various reason that are much too convoluted and too much of a digression as to even be eluding to at this hour of the morning. So why am I rambling? That is a rhetorical question. So, I, as many of you know, am a college student at the University of Davis, California who recently returned from a sojourn to the Black Rock Desert. It is also know by those who have journeyed there as well, that any hour before high noon is an early one- so thus is the answer to the prior inquisition about why was it that I was rambling. Further more, is should be mentioned or rather reminded, for the matter that I did state in a previous sentence, that I am a college student where the similar factors do apply.
Now as I shove the last of my laundry in the wash, and fold up the last of my equipment that went with me to the playa I get whiffs of playa dust that whisk me away a week ago when I was gallivanting with me myself and I, letting the playa wind take me from theme came to art installation and then on to the next spot in deep playa where only the bizarre energies of the playa would determine my fate. So I have been thinking… “Playa” is it a place? Is it a thing? Is it some sort of bizarre sort of idea? Well, yes more or less to all of the above. To me it has become some sort of entity that’s meaning is only know by those who have been there.
So, 10:30 in the morning now, and no I have not been writing this whole time; I’ve been up and down and interrupted for various reasons, but nonetheless, now to the real point (if there even is one). I still have a dusty pile of BM gear down in the driveway that needs to be attended to and disappear until… about this time next year. It is however, a smaller pile than what it was yesterday and even more so the day before. So I think I deserve some props! Yeahhhhh!!! But please tell me, I know I tend to get distracted easily and move a snails pace, but am I the only one who takes an entire week to completely decompress, clean up, and get my things back in their correct homes so I shall continue on grueling the track of default life? Uhhhhhhh!
10:53 in the morning. My friend called and set a hiking date at 2:00 or so this afternoon. This may be the last time she and I will hang out until the quarter is over in mid-December but nevertheless, should be a pleasant aspect of the last hurrah of an action thrilled summer vacation. I also Hope those who actually read this rambling enjoyed each word of it because… I am bound to do it again.
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There was a HUGE, half cone shaped white inflatable structure far out on the playa. The top had a black nub. There was one small opening; above it was a note stating the artists were busy at work and hoped to have it completed the following day; to have respect and be patient and not venture inside. However, the next day it was deflated. Does anyone know what happened to it??

On a different note, what was the most suprising thing you've seen at Burning Man this year? For me it wasn't the mammoth robot, the ninjas, the nude swingers swinging down a zip line, but a man with his two sons riding bikes -"normal" clothing and bikes, all riding with bike helmets on. Ironic how that was the most surreal image that week!