September 18th, 2005


pictures from camp!

i wrote this yesterday for our burning man blog:

our little camp, not so little anymore

i'm pretty proud of how our camp turned out, considering i hadn't made any sort of formal committment to it (ever really) up until 2 weeks before burning man. Halcyon and i went into super mode and made some rough plans and started on sending pink fur flying everywhere and finding everything "pig" we could. we made wooden pig cutouts, made a new banner out of an old banner, and found lots of plastic piggies, pigtails, pig ears, and snouts for decorating with at places like the swap meet, the dollar store, or the ever-trusty internet.

our camp's constituents were unclear in the beginning as well, and didn't really become "known" until we were there and the days progressed. i believe our final burner joined us on wednesday or thursday, at which point we had easily over 30 people in our group. we were parked at the corner of 9:30 & amnesia, and while we didn't have any set up events, nor even official themp camp designation - we had a lot of fun creating our living space, as well as sharing it with others.

as seems often to be the case, the lack of coherent "plans" in the pre-burning man days were insignificant as "the plan" came together just as it should as the week unfolded. (i don't know how many times on this trip someone would say they needed some obscure thing and not more than minutes later, someone else would come up with that very thing, or overhear the need and come to the rescue.) The Path led us to a perfect family within our neighborhood in black rock city, it was just as it should be - beautiful.

our little piggy fence:

(click on the pic for more & realise since it's burning man there's bound to be some nudity - NWS!)

important points of interest in these pics:
-kisses sent by berlee to watch over the roadtrip
-tassy's goggle dirt/suntan
-panties on matthew's head from the panty camp(leg holes serve as pigtail holes)
-cut out pig's nipple rings or collar & private parts
-cool anti-establishment tape job on the rental van
-how many little piggies do you count?!
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From the boyfriend:

I saw a man perform with a bell/gong in Center Camp on Wednesday. He was supposed to perform again in Sunday.
It was a unique bell that produced an amazingly rich OM-like tone.
The point is that I want such a bell, but the information the guy gave as to his camp location and how to get such a bell, has not quite panned out.

Did anyone see him or know of this bell and can give me a lead to tracking it down?
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