September 23rd, 2005


SD Decom?

Anyone have any info on the SD Decom event? I believe this year it's from Oct. 21-23. The website hasn't been updated yet from last year. Need Decompression bad!!

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Photo hunt: topless fire spinner after the man burned

I know this is a long shot, but my girlfirend I are looking for photos or video of our little impromptu fire jam shortly after the man burned. I realize there are quite a few of them, but this one was somewhere between 9:30-11:00. A group of drummers showed up, in addition to a fellow with an electric bass guitar towed by his bike -- wonderful stuff for spinning, and all in all quite the little gathering.

To help jog your memory, the spinner in question (my girlfriend) was topless, wearing black leather chaps, black leggings, a red bandana and spinning poi. A picture of her spinning in the conclave prior to the burn is here, which may help you to recognize her.

One of the other female poi spinners had long blonde dreds and there was also a guy spinning staff. Any photos or video would be wonderful and greatly appreciated (as I was being a fire safety for a half-dozen performers, I couldn't pull out a camera myself).