September 28th, 2005

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Postal Madness... Founding the Dead Letter System

Occassionally, I get on and try to post some very, very dense posts about information theory.

Well, in accordance with the prophecy, the time has come to give you a simpler thing to think about.

Therefore, be it herefore announced that I am now going out to attempt to begin A Pirate Mail System, beginning with Decompression, S.F., 10/09/2005

Send us some mail!!!!

However, it needs to be _through people_... no USPS, please. You can send mail to us through any person who is going to the San Francisco Recompression Party - Sunday, October 9th.

This mail can be

a) to us
b) to a friend of yours in San Francisco
c) to a friend of yours anywhere (including where you are).
d) to a new friend, who we will find for you (be warned, we know FREAKS!)

You may wish to send us:

1) Letters
2) Mixed CDs... be sure to put your own voice at the beginning, explaining
a) who you are
b) who the cd is to go to
3) DVDs
DVDs can be for us to distribute (freeware) out to the world (show your art!), or for a specific recipient.

If you send your DVD to a specific recipient, we're going to copy it and send it out in the world in multiple copies anyway.

For more information about the project(s) in general, see...
cognitive hazard

2005 photos!

At last, I've managed to develop some photos :)
Unfortunately, the quality is pretty bad, which is either because something happened to my camera/film (not likely) or because the unbelievably cheap photo place where I got them developed and scanned sucks (very likely). I will take the next roll to a different place and hopefully everything will be fine.

If you see anyone you know on these photos, have them contact me so I can be sure that they don't mind having their photo displayed online.

Here we go!

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