October 27th, 2005

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oolsi- you are free!

(it seems like burners can learn from this site, and that this site can learn from burners)


We believe everything should be free!
This site will keep track of websites and tools that share this philosophy and look at freeware in other aspects of life -- ie. saving money, living cheaply, making things yourself, and self learning.
Internet = Equality!
You no longer have to be rich or well connected to educate yourself about anything or discover new things. We'll be keeping a log of places to do it!

We need help!

Are you good at finding free stuff? Making things yourself? Bookmarking? Know recipes for yummy food? If you meet any of these criteria you should start posting at oolsi! Email us at oolsi.com@gmail.com with a couple examples of what you would add!

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