November 21st, 2005


nyc decom pictures

petal friends
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a handful of random pictures from new york city's decompression on saturday. not great quality, as i was using an unfamiliar camera, but still. let me know if you see yourself or someone you know in any of the shots, i'd love to put names to faces!

p.s. who else has photos from their respective decoms? do share.

xo caitlin
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pop-culture reference

"I was talking to a young woman I know who had just returned from Buring Man, the neo-bohemian festival that's held every Labor Day weekend in the deserr northeast of Reno. What was it like, I ask her, a Gen-X Woodstock? No, she told me, not a bit -- This is post-counterculture. They're people who work at Charles Schwab and Yahoo!; a group from Intel came in a fleet of RVs. People walked around naked in the sun, or cruised the playa in beds rigged with sails and battery-powered recliner couches. There was nude croquet, an alien-abduction camp, and a huge script neon W that someone had rigged up on the top of a pole. I asked her what the W was for. "Well, what else could it be?" she said, and made her hands into a W, with her index fingers raised and her thumbs touching. "What-ever." It allayed any misgivings I might have had about not going to the festival myself. I mean, if you had to ask what the W stood for, you probably didn't belong there."

from "An Interjection for the Age"
by Geoffrey Nunberg

(from his book, The Way We Talk Now