December 7th, 2005

clara bow
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i missssss all of you!!!!
i was just listening to one of my fav albums, and i guess it unintentionally has become my "burning man album", because it just completely brought me right to the playa. and oh man, am i homesick.
mc :D
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Seeking Burners for LJ friends

In light of tearose's post, i, too, must state i miss the playa.

There's certain things i do to try to take me back to the playa, i'm sure i'll roll in the dirt and cry when i return, but i'd really really like to have more LJ friends that are burners.

I'm inarticulate when it comes to introductions, but take a look at my profile - if i'm of interest to you, let me know and i'll add you.

Much love and ninjaberries,

P.S. i'm also on tribe - if you'd rather connect there.
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Oh My Man!!! Stuck in Hawaii!

Frickin' Uncle Murphy luvz me 2 much! I went to the Man in 2001 for the first time and haven't been able to get back since! Gotta work out a plan to go back home without losing base in the process. I moved to Kailua Kona in June. I am looking for a good bunch of people(NO DINGOS PLEASE!!!) to hook up with and plan to caravan to the playa 2006.

I like to dance, dress up, play, drink water, build, 420, drink water, burn, walk, explore, and more.

If all goes well this Winter, I can start saving the money to fly over, expand a few brain cells, fly back, and then plan for the next year. I am willing to contribute muscle power towards helping constructing cool stuff on the Playa.
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