January 17th, 2006


Moving trucks?

Hello, everyone! Ok, I have a question that is not specifically BM related, but it does tie in, as you will see..

We are planning a cross-country move this Spring and I nearly lost consciousness while researching the cost of renting a moving truck. So, since many of you lovely people probably have some experience hauling lots of stuff to a remote location, I figure this is a good place to ask... do you have any recommendations for cheap ways to move my stuff?

Thanks, and I miss you all!!!
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belly dancer

Yea, I'm serious :/

Ok, so I was just looking at random pictures of Burning Man '05 and for the first time, I saw pictures of people with snakes and one that looked like a lizard. So, this makes me wonder...how many animals and what kinds of animals/other living creatures have you seen out on the playa? Should I be scared, lol?