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LiveJournal Camp @ Burning Man's Journal
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Wednesday, January 18th, 2006

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tickets on sale....!

and i'm sitting here in winnipeg having the most intense dust lust so far.....

in school without a job right now, and supposed to be moving across the continent within the next year so all my financial sensibility is telling me that burning is not in the cards for me this year. 2005 was my first year - after yearning to go for years - and i just don't think i'm ready to miss out yet. done school at the end of may and should be working right away so i can start saving for my move but....

i know i'm going to break down and be financially silly and end up buying a ticket last minute and flying down to reno and hopefully finding an nice group of burners who can find it in their heart to adopt little lost canadian gremlin for the week. the 32 hour drive (both ways) we did last year just isn't going to happen again.

my apologies for the ramble - just wanted to say I MISS YOU ALL and i'll [hopefully] see you in 222 days!

Current Mood: burning
It's time, and all I'm getting is that "InHouse Ticketing" sales pitch page. Is anyone else getting to the online purchase form?
feels alot like last year.
How's everyone's ticket-buying going? Anyone getting through?
at least livejournal is up.
I am a sonic angst monkey...

Not that I've gotten farther than this anyways...but what happened to the Credit Card Payment option?
I've gotten to the payment screen a few times, but it's not there...

Edit: I found my checking acct routing # and got my Ticket!
But I'm sure there's somebody else banging their head against the site that could use the info...Thanks all!
Thank you BurningMan for making me watch torque while clicking refresh.

Thank you BurningMan, for teaching me patience and humility.

Current Mood: frustrated
Ticket sales are back up as of 15 minutes ago
I just got mine. Wheeeeee!!!!!

Good luck everyone. =0)
"Courtesy service message from In Ticketing.
The server has reached it's maximum number of connections. Please try making your purchase again in 5 minutes.

We are doing everything to resolve this as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your patience."

Hah. Except every 40 seconds or so I DO get through but then I can't CHECK OUT after I get the tix in my shopping cart! GAH!!
from main page...
Ticket Sales Temporarily Paused!
Due to an electrical circuit problem, we've been forced to pause ticket sales temporarily. We're getting it fixed, and as soon as we're able, we'll commence sales again. Please be patient, and watch this page for the latest information as it becomes available.
While waiting for my ticket order to go through....
I was just wondering: does anyone have contact information for the Orange Party that goes to Burning Man each year?

Thanks guys.
Seems to be working fine now :)

Got my confirmation! w00t!
Spoke too soon...?
OK, I thought I got my tickets, but maybe not... just how long does the confirmation screen have to hang before I give up the ship? Going on 20 minutes, I closed the popup window to try again, and now it's been hanging for 10 minutes. Is this normal?
Ah man, you guys are making it HARD!!!

I told myself I was going to wait, and purchase one of the higher priced tiers of tickets...
Because I can afford to and therefore, should do so.

But man oh man....hearing everyone shout that they have their tickets is making me feel....
Left behind! (Yea yea I know I'm not but still.)

I feel like Charlie, waiting for his golden ticket to the Chocolate Factory.



Current Mood: wound up!!
Ticket Freaks..
Jesus H. Christ on a bicycle....

Chill the fuck out!





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