February 17th, 2006



For all of the Twin Cities Burners, who, like me, are happier dreaming of playa projects during this uh, brisk and refreshing -35 degree wind chill...

FREE Artist Workshop: Light
February 23, 2006
5:30 – 8:00 p.m.
Experiment with tri-color LEDs, simple circuits, and light painting with handheld computers called Crickets.

First in a series of workshops focusing on light, led by Learning Technologies staff at the Science Museum of Minnesota. Explore relationships between technology and light using a variety of technologies like handheld computers called Crickets, LEDs, sensors, and the Logochip. Tools and materials will be provided.

For more information please visit http://ltc.smm.org/artandscience

I can't make the first one (waaah!) but it looks like repeat or similar workshops are happening in the next few months.
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Smoke on the water..... Water in the Sky.

I was giving some thought to an Art Car this year. I sent an Email to the DMV to see what thier opinion was on this, but haven't heard back. (it's been a couple weeks now) So, naturally I'd run it by you guys and see what you think.

I was thinking, everyone and thier cat's lover has propane cannons. I mean, it is burning man afterall. But what about a pnumatic water cannon? Not the fire-fighting kind, but more like the kind that fire a mass of water into the air, and create (more or less) rain shower?

It wouldn't be a steady stream, but more a clap, and then a mommentary downpour. I'm Sure it would annoy the tourists, and thier 4 billion dollar cameras, but spontaneous rain showers aren't out of the question for mother nature either.

What do you guys think about that?
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Biggest Baddest and Most Elegant Fire Fans!

Desiderata has some new art/fire equipment up for sale on Ebay. I encourage anyone interested in fire or belly dancing to check the fire fans out. Desiderata is a Washington based fire troupe trying to raise money for a kick-ass Burning Man journey and performance. We can make custom fans similar to those currently on Ebay for approximately $100 if you would like a variation or have a new idea.

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Thanks for it checking out!

8 month old twins at Burning Man?


I'm totally new to the Burning Man experience, but my fiancee is a bit of a veteran. He's gone several times, but without kids! I don't know if I am biting off more than I can chew, but I'm getting married right before BM and we were planning on doing a honeymoon across the country, and he really wants to go to BM. We are using my dads Class A Motorhome, but I'm really nervous about it getting messed up. Plus I have a few questions if that's ok (and I'm sure I'll have many more!)

Do they group all the motorhomes together? I really prefer camping, but since we are going cross country (and not just BM) we have decided to borrow dads.

Also, I have read about the "family" camp at burning man, but it mainly showed older children... my 8 yr old son will be going with us, (from a previous marriage)but is it unrealistic to take my 8 month old twins there (they are just over a month old now-so they will be 8 monthsish by then). I'm worried about sandstorms etc (I've never been to the desert)

And just another quick question-how harsh is the enviroment for those of you who have taken motorhomes? My fiancee thinks it will be fine, but he isn't familiar with motorhomes, and has only camped there. My primary concern is for my babies, and I'm looking for people who have experienced taking children there.

TIA! :)