March 17th, 2006


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Since all the newbies are dragging out the is one from me. (And I'll save you some time. I've read and reread the First Timer's Guide and the Survival Guides etc etc etc)

I've not been to Burning Man yet. So I ask you savvy vet Burners....

I'm coming from Central Illinois.
I drive a Subaru station wagon.
Pretend for the sake of discussion you are on your own with no support or backup from any other Burners.
Complete radical self reliance.

If you were in my shoes, how would you chose to get your butt out to Black Rock City?
(Fly? Drive? Train? Bus?)

What would you chose as your method of sleeping/habitation while on the playa?
(Tent? RV/Camper? Uhaul Truck? Inflatable mattress/cot/futon? Hammock? I know that by now all the things to rent in Reno are already probably snapped up)

I'm having trouble negotiating the logistics of this trip.
I've narrowed it down to about five possible options but to help me figure it out, I'd like to hear what your solution to this might be.

Many thanks ahead of time!