March 26th, 2006


1) ChickenHed! (Burners Murdered!)

My son loves ChickenHed. Tornado Boy has _many_ times been known to get on the mic with ChickenHed for, well... hours. We heart ChickenHed.

Tornado Boy was on top of ChickenHed's giant tower of well, wood, last summer at Phoenix Fest, shouting "Barf Your Dog! Eat Your Cat! Barf Your Dat! Eat Your Cog!"

Dirty Jesus Guadalupe Gonzalez's envelope gets picked A LOT for pirate mail. On the back of every ChickenHed envelope, it says,

"Write about anything fucked up"

which, since the name on the envelope says, "Dirty Jesus Guadalupe Gonzalez", helps it stand out from the rest of the Bunch.

Someone in portland wrote DJGG a letter recently, which they gave to me, which I gave to Ian, who gave it to Jesus. Mark gave me the envelope back so that I could collect more mail for him.

Mark is on the left, Dirty Jesus Guadalupe Gonzalez is on the right. Mark survived this morning, and Dirty Jesus Guadalupe Gonzalez did not

If you're hearing this and you _don't_ know me, it is because this is in reference to the six or seven shot this morning in Seattle. I came home today, and it erupted around me.

You can research elsewhere for what happened, and who, and the details. Me, I'm letting it flow through me, and out into systems language. So I'm going to take a look at the community layer.

For layers of 'shit-hit-the-fan-ness', we have the following:

1) ChickenHed

Dirty Jesus Guadalupe Gonzalez died today after a quiet and 'humble' visitor at his afterparty returned after ten minutes with a massive amount of hardware and shot up the place.

Police and the mayor confirmed several times that there was no argument, no ejection, no explanation. This was the seven in the morning 'cracked out from dancing' party.

ChickenHed are _really_nice_people_ - they have a LOT of friends. So this is the largest layer of OMFG.

2) The NorthWest Techno Community

One step more remote, for me, is the deaths of Dj Deacon and of Jason - I'm not confident I know yet which Jason, and with the selfishness of survivors, I'm begging to find out it _isn't_ one of the too many I know in this tribe.

If you look in the direction of artists, people who make music, clownes, circus folk, piercing communities, this community is completed floored by the death of Jeremy, who was a community heart for Love and Projects.

In the direction of _dancers_, it is Jason and Dj Deacon's death are slamming an entire community into a feedback loop. We can expect all these systems to go through the metavirus in the language of grief:

Denial (I'm so there right now)
Anger (I can feel it coming)
(acceptance of the entire loop)

3) The other four -

Now, the other three or four deaths, as near as I can ascertain, are going to turn out to be younger, college student types who are more of the 'candy raver' dress-up-as-zombies type who were partying with their metaphorical trashy older siblings.

For them, the level of 'shit-fan-hitting' is going to be the weak cries of individual families, decrying their young person's community right as that community most wants to reach out and sob with the parents. Sucks to be them, really. When you start to be older in the community, you start to _know_ each other's parents. If something ever happened to their son, they'd reach out and grab the friends and give them a big hug.

4) Dead Letter

If you would like to send mail to anybody who is in this tribe - ChickenHed PDX is _devastated_ right now, give it to Dead Letter, and we will get it to them _very_quickly_.

Of the people who need comforting, here is one of the closest:

Mercy (at the party, survived, camps with Dead Letter, candy raver)

The Duchess posted that picture of her in our tribe in '04. On the way to BM in '03, she and I crafted a 'scoring tool for burps':

Burp Score Chart
  • 2 - Volume
  • 2 - Tone/Resonance
  • 2 - Length

For a main section of six points. and then

  • 1 - Inappropriateness (you know, sometimes it is hard to get this one!)
  • 1 - Audience Reaction
  • 1 - Taste
  • 1 - Relief
  • 1 - Punctuation.

    So technically the system goes to 11, which allows for 8 different 'perfect tens' you could get.

    Anyone wants to send her or anyone else in that community a letter, get them to us (via Back to Back, NW Bishops Barbershop, Zoo Bomb, M4, Clownehouse in PDX, via Dead Baby Bikes, Trogs, Spinergy, PURE, Flaming Kangeroo House, Bootyland (a kids clothing shop, ya perv!) in SEA (most of those communities can get your mail along directly to ChickenHed).

    5) The entire Complex Adaptive Dynamic System

    While the freaked out parents of the youngest react quickly and visibly, it appears that the electronic/art/CHAC/Oseao/Oracle/ChickenHed/Pirate Cab/Pirate Mail/Team Cowper/Spinergy/PURE Cirkus, just to name the first sets of communities spun off of this event are going to move towards a certain cross connecting. The community will do a completely hash job of trying to spin information about itself, and come away burned. Still, it _will_have_tried_ to take control of the information cloud around itself. For a brief period of time, a flashlight is shown across the interior of a sphere, the empty vacuum where Jeremy used to be.

    Jeremy would have laughed, said, "Maybe", poured PBR on the idea, and gone inside to watch fucked up videos on the interweb.

more on the Seattle shooting

Hello, everybody.

As the previous post mentions, the Seattle Burning Man community is in shock over a multiple homicide that occurred at a party yesterday morning. It happened at Bluehouse/Chickenhed, the home of some people who have long been part of the community. At this time the identities of most of the deceased are unknown, although two have been confirmed. It is a mystery as to why this shooting occurred.

The community is drawing together to gather more information and to support each other in this time of crisis. A website has been set up for this purpose, and has all the most accurate, up-to-date
information as it comes in:

You may wish to check in with your Seattle friends to see how they are coping, as they may have lost some loved ones.

My sincere condolensces to all who have been affected by this shocking and senseless tragedy.


Vancouver BM Rep