April 16th, 2006

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getting ready for burning man!! all our spare time is spent on the huge shade tent we are making out of a parachute. my love had this whole design where we would have had wall that drop straight down, but that didn't work out. i told him he was over thinking it, but you guys they have to do it the hard way. i said why do we copy the design we saw last year at bm where you just bend and tie some pvc pipes together and make a doom tent, he said no he wanted to do it his way. well tried and true, we are now doing it the way everyone on the playa does it. we were having problems finding the right width pipe to use. we started out with 3/4 in. then move up to 1 in, now we are at 1 1/4 in pipes because the smaller one couldn't hold the weight of the parachute in the heat. we are taking this set up to element this weekend to test it out, i can't wait! we have aladdin lamps to hang from the roof of the tent, and blow up furniture for everyone to flop on. we have a bunch of area rugs to throw down, but i was thinking that we should put down a tarp before we put down the rugs. we are planning on buying all the stuff we can in las vegas after we pick up our rv, we are only bring what we have to on the plane. we been having issues with the water proofing of the parachute, does anyone know what we can use to water proof nylon? also our pipe are not long enough so we are using three fitted together with pvc fittings, but some of them keep popping lose from the tension on the pipes where we glued the fittings on. any suggestions? i was think rubber cement? we have four days and counting!
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