May 24th, 2006

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Final Reminder: Cleanse the stench at the First Flipside Human Carcass Wash

I wanted to post one final, pre-event reminder about the Human Carcass Wash!

The Human Carcass Wash, long a tradition at Burning Man, comes to Pyropolis, Texas for the first time this year. Our 3 Carcass Washes will be the best way to clean yourself after those hot Flipside days of dancing, debauchery, and other things that start with the letter D. The Carcass Wash is an assembly-line bathing process where everyone bathes everyone else with their bare hands. You can find out all about the event and how it works on the Human Carcass Wash Wiki.

This is a No Camera Zone event, and all personal boundaries will be strictly enforced (you won't get washed where you don't wanna get washed).

The Human Carcass Wash is located on the Mezzanine (#39 on the Pyropolis map). Just remember what Theme Camp Placement Coordinator Rusty said about finding us:
Collapse )
The HUMAN CARCASS WASH is held from 1-2pm on Friday, 1-2pm on Saturday and the special Sunday Sunday Sunday edition from 1-3pm. Remember there will be NO SHOWERS on Sunday, so if you want to get clean it's either those crappy solar showers or us. Wouldn't you rather be bathed by your friends?

p.s. don't forget
Saturday at 5:30pm at Glory Hole Theatre: The Guild of Lederers and Fell Mongers presents The Creation of Adam & Eve and their Subsequent Fall from Paradise
and, I'm not involved but wanted to give it free hype because it sounds so cool,
Friday or Saturday, Salome with Arquestra Strangevibe
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