July 25th, 2006


playa for sale.

combination of finanaces, logistics, bad timing, lack of preparation and one bad decision has turned the winds of ka against us coming home this year.... but
our heartbreak is your chance to save some cash.

2 burningman 2006 tickets for sale.
$250 USD each
(plus shipping)

contact dave at winterpeg dot ca

...please help find them a deserving home and have a great burn! we will see you next year - once we no longer live on the other side of the continent!
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More free shop time (PDX) tomorrow night...

Oh my goodness, is it Wednesday again? Yet one more reminder that there is a shop available for your projecting needs.

11th and Skidmore

This week, we're offering to do an oil change on any vehicle going to the playa (or any vehicle, really). If you show up here early, we'll send you up to the Schuck's to get oil and a filter, then swap it out while you drink beer... free!

If you are worried about your cooling, we can probably flush the radiator as well.

As always, you have the option of Blinging your Bike, working in the woodshop, some metal fabrication, sewing, Puppets...

Other dates coming up:

8/2 - Bikes, Cars, Projects
8/9 - Clothing Swap, Sewing (three sewing machines)
8/16 - Bulk Food!
8/19 - Packing/Yurt Raising party!

See you then!