July 27th, 2006

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Looking for firespinner near Portland, Oregon

An acquaintance of mine (a fellow firespinner) called me Tuesday. He's flying out to a friend's wedding about an hour south of Portland to perform at said wedding. His partner bailed on him that morning. I asked if he wanted me to throw the invite out here and he said sure. The wedding/performance times are (I believe) this Friday and Saturday nights. Call him for more info: his name is Kris and his cell is five four one nine six eight eight four three eight.
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Burningman.com Sane Navigation Project

This will be my fourth year at burningman. You would think that by this time I would be able to easily navigate the site. Yet somehow even after all this time, burningman.com is still like a a labyrinth to me - one I have to figure out all over again each time I visit the site.

It is to this end that I put together the Burningman.com Sane Navigation Project, a collection of the dozen or so links that I am always looking for organized a way that is simple and easy to navigate.

The page is not intended to be a comprehensive index of the burningman site, but if you feel that there is a page that should be added, please let me know.