August 1st, 2006

RV for sale in the Vancouver/Portland area

Hey kids -

My coworker is selling her RV at below blue book cost. I promised to pass the word on to local burners (Vancouver/Portland)

Check out the craigslist ad:

If you are interested, or you have any questions, please use the contact info in the ad. I'm just a messenger. =)

Thanks! See you all on the playa!

EDIT: I am a regular poster to this community under my non-work LJ ID. This ID is blank for privacy (don't want coworker to know my LJ ID if it comes up through this craigslist ad/transaction) I'm not trying to randomly spam everyone - I see stuff regarding local communities here all the time. If this post offends anyone, please let the mod know and they can delete. I just thought some of you might want to know about it! =) Don't hate! It's all about the loovveee.

Trailer rentals for BRC

Options: For those camps that have power, generators, are "on the grid" or just live in the lap of luxury, an option recently presented itself.

A local vendor, *very* friendly to the burner community, has a single 20 foot portable office trailer for those interested in renting it for the week or 14 days.
8 year burner, 4 year Greeter posting...

It is approximately 1100 dollars, including rental, and costs associated with it being delivered and picked up, for the 13 day run. If delivery and dropoff costs are shared with another trailer, that amount can drop significantly.

This is not a motor home. This is a construction trailer, with little or no furniture, no stove, no potty. It is Air conditioned, and heated. Some office furniture can be added, or other items can be loaded for transport, if delivered to the company, (outside of Reno) before delivery date.

Advantages: They expect it to be returned dirty. They have rented to BRC for over a decade. They won't charge you a cleaning fee or deposit. Linoleum insides and industrial carpet makes for cleaning by firehose. Even with shipping at full rate, it is still cheaper than gas for a motorhome from LA and other environs.

Comment for full details, I will email back.

Note: Due to work/security issues, I no longer publicly post *anything*, so hence the cryptic account. Most of you know me...