August 3rd, 2006

music & the man

'avalon' by juliet just came onto my itunes -- my rideshare last year played this the ENTIRE ride, so now it evokes driving out to the playa.

How about you? what do you listen to? What have you heard?

Poll #784960 music & BRC

Is there any song that invokes previous years drives out to the playa?

any songs this year that you MUST listen to on the drive out?

remember hearing any songs that you loved on the playa last year?

25 more days & counting!
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Vegan Potluck on the Playa

So I am interested in having a vegan potluck in BRC. I need some advice on where to hold such an event though. So, advise away, oh lovely ones!

(And if you're interested in helping to organize such an event, let me know!)


Emergency Contact Information

I don't know how many of you are familiar with the First Post Program that got started here on LJ a couple of years ago. I was just filling out an emergency contact form for my theme camp, and it occurred to me that including the relevant info from that (expected arrival/departure dates and routes, on-playa address, medications & allergies, on-playa emergency contact) would be a useful thing to include in that post. I'll be doing so, and recommend doing the same or similar for all of you. A friend of mine was killed on the road to JuPlaya this year, so this is weighing more heavily on my mind than it might otherwise.
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Cameraman @ Burning Man


I am looking to hire a professional videographer who has his own camera (3CCD is a must) to film at this year's BM festival.
The footage will be used in the program about Burning Man which will air on TV - Kultura channel in Russia.
If interested please contact me ASAP at