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Monday, August 7th, 2006

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Water Concerns
Recent posts about how to bring the necessary water supplies have me worried. I'm riding down on a motorcycle, and I was counting on being able to replenish supplies every couple days or so. I don't think there's any way I can carry a week's supply of food and water into camp all at once.

Aren't people allowed to leave the site and return?
Goggles with vents?
I'm looking for a new pair o' goggles. 

Many goggles have little side-vents (like the pair in this picture) on the side of each eye, supposedly for air circulation.   

In your experience, are these vents helpful in keeping your face comfortable, or do they simply defeat the purpose of having goggles because they'll let dust and schmutz in? 

Advise me, wise ones!

(Am I the only one who can't type "goggle" because I'm typing "google" instead?  Creature of habit, I am.)
Quick Noob Questions
1. How do people arrange ride with total strangers to Black Rock?
[ePlaya was recommended to me, but I wasn't able to find anyone coming out of San Diego. Same for the Search Ride Share page. I looked on Craig's List as well, but it's only dudes looking for "female companions to Burningman" (sleazy, guys).]
2. Failing that. What are my chances of flying into Reno and hitchhiking into BM?

3. I noticed there are a lot of camps holding yoga sessions. Is the playa a comfortable surface for knees or should I bring my yoga mat?
SF - $208 Ticket - Pick Up in Misison District
Anyone in SF need a ticket?
It's $208 including bm shipping/handling.
Ticket is still attached to original BM receipt (even have the envelope from In-House).
Looking for someone who can a) pay cash and b) pick it up near 18th & Guerrero sometime this week, the earlier in the week the better.
(Tonight would be the best!!!)

Any takers???

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