August 14th, 2006

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Fried Chicken Peas

pre heat oven to 350-400 depending on your oven
Take one can of chickpeas and drain completely
spread out in shallow baking pan
slice maragarine over top (about 4 tbsp)
sprinkle with seasoning salt and whorchistshire sauce (make sure they all get some)
Bake untill golden and kind of crispy on the outside about 20-30 mins but check on them every 5-10 and kind of shake the pan so they cook evenly.

These are so freaking good. They taste just like skins of fried chicken.
I have seriously creeped out vegetarians with these.
They keep really well.
I will be filling a few tupperwear containers with these before the playa.
Makes great muchie food.
happly ever after

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the lovely person who said they would preform the ceremony for us has over overextended herself so she won't be able to do the ceremony for us anymore. so if anyone knows someone who can do it please point them our way, us their way. we are getting married at the temple at sun down on wednesday we think. we are still looking for someone to preform the ceremony, that is someone without a bone in his nose and a loin cloth or elvis. just your regular old burner will do. someone who won't raise eye brows when we show the pictures to friends, co workers, bosses and parents. you know safe for work, but not dressed down. they can be their burner selves, just not marked nsfw. we are unitarian so all is good, but we would like it to be light hearted funny even. we are both very nervous, and i have preformance anxiety in front of crowds. we like it if you left out all references to monogamy out of the ceremony. jokingly today i told him i would stay with him through good burns or bad, through rain or dust storms, putting up camp in the noonday sun. so if there is anyone who knows someone that fits the bill please help us out. oh and if you are going this year and you like to come to our wedding all are welcome. i am cooking for everyone, and i am a great cook. i have been know to served crab legs, chicken parm., ribs, shrimp and scallops ect... we'll will be going back to the hookah lounge for dinner and wedding cake for all! so please come!

The Pissing Gnomette Fountain and Evaporator

This is probably nothing like what the finished fountain will look like, but it's what I have so far. I think it's pretty cool. It's interactive. To make her pee, you pump the water from the pond into the gnomette. The top part will be filled with activated carbon and aquarium filter fiber with rock onto of that. All of that sits on a vinyl screen. Shower and dish washing water can be poured directly into the filtering system to remove solids The rest is recirculated by the direct interaction of people who want to see her pee, until it is evaporated.

It's no where near finished, but I am pretty happy with it so far. The big round thing is an air filter of some kind and has a ring of cardboard inside. I drilled the top so the water seeps down into it, but I think it needs some kind of wicking system to induce the water to absorb into it. I am also on the lookout for something to give it a but of a lip around the top.

My goal was to make my fountain with as few newly purchased items as possible.
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(no subject)

If all goes according to plan, this:

will be a giant Su-Do-Ku board found at Hey! Camp this year... located at around 5:45 Fate.

I don't think it has anything to do with the theme, unless you FEAR to challenge me and HOPE to beat me. ;p

Okay, enough with the silliness. If you don't see it there, that probably means I wasn't able to complete it or some sorry other excuse that I can't think of right now.

Otherwise, come play, say Hey!, spend the day, come what may! (okay, I think I've had too much caffeine)

Hair deal.. and book mention

13 days.. until the official first day.. and I:m beaming with excitement. But can:t make a decision on the whole hair removal process. So to those who WAX, SHAVE, OR NAIR it off. Which do you prefer doing before or while on the playa. And brands of what you use will help in my decision. I:m personally thinking about waxing just so it:s not even a though in my head but I:ve never waxed so I:m trying to think if the pain is actually worth it. Any advice will be much appreciated and taken in with a smile.

Also I was in portland,OR for the day and hit up POWELL:S(this well known book store) and saw a book that caught my eye. It was someone:s hip on the cover and the title was hips. What the person was wearing looked unique and the back round which was only an off white ground with a blue sky got me thinking. So I flipped through it and the ENTIRE BOOK consists of photos of ONLY HIPS... FROM BURNING MAN. There is no mention of BM but I know it.. and you would too if you saw the book. So go to your local book store find it and flip through and.. just smile at the fact that we know the location of the photos and some still have no idea.

SEE you on the playa.. Don:T know exactly where my bro and I are camping yet but we:ll have a flag that says LUNA BLOOD(our last name is LUNA and we:re siblings)

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Recipies are Nice... but..

Just got this in my inbox, has anyone seen this first hand yet this year?

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Sat, 12 Aug 2006 23:10:36 +0000

The Playa is very ODD, different textures. The city is in a new site this
year, slightly north of the last 5 years' location. The "12 mile-trego"
runs right the fuck thru center camp.

The different textures are on account of a drifting lake on the playa most
of the summer. Some of the stuff has the biggest, deepest crevasses I have
*ever* seen. Dont drop anything unless you are carrying a shovel. Other
areas are the lousy texture we all suffered from in 2001. Some parts were
hard it was difficult to pound in posts, many blades popped off.

BRING DUST GEAR- IT"S HELLA DUSTY. The more traffic that breaks up those
deeeeep fluffy crevasses the more 2001 style white-outs we can expect.
have already been nasty ones delaying the survey.