August 15th, 2006

Flying into Reno? You'll want these links.

Courtesy of Philip at the Civilized Explorer.

TSA's pages on latest restrictions:

Reno pages table of contents:
lists shopping centers, supermarkets, other places for supplies; includes location by freeway exit and by casinos
lists stores that are open 24 hours a day
lists stores outside Reno
lists where to rent stuff, where to stay

Tooth powder, hair powder, deodorant powder, and individual soap tablets:

Verify your luggage weight - airlines have lowered their checked bag weight limits:

In-country limits are different from international limits:

Fly safe, fly friendly. Reno has all the stuff you'll need, so don't worry about leaving your eyedrops, lip gloss, suntan lotions, moisturizers, and all that crap at home because your checked bags are full.

Are we there yet?

Looking for some Burningman Help

Hey all, (konichiwa mina-san!)

So, I and my partner in crime have our burningman tickets, and have been absolutely exuberantly excited about going. We have been planning on taking my car and packing it with thrilling burningman gear (our huge tent, ballgowns, us, 25 gallons of water, two huge coolers). HOWEVER this past thursday, in the middle of Seattle rush hour traffic with an armed robbery going on nearby (making traffic horrendous), I was headed to a festival called the Flowmotion Meltdown to vend for my small business (with stuff packed on top of the car, the trunk, and filling the back and front seat)I got into a very scary car obliterating accident. I walked away perfectly fine, amazingly, and we actually made it to the festival with all of our merchandise( a miracle). BUT my car will never run again, the front is all mashed up to the window, and the wheel well is warped (that's a tongue twister!). This does mean that we no longer have our car to take, and no way of getting to Burning Man. SO! I am posting here for anyone in the Olympia, Seattle, or anywhere nearby area (we live in Olympia, WA)that is open to discussing maybe taking some of our stuff, or us, or caravaning with other people we might get to help us, and then maybe helping get us back at the end. ALSO, if there is anyone in these areas with a vehicle (that is aware of the tax that burningman takes on cars) that is willing to rent said vehicle to us for the week, OR a running vehicle that will just get us there and back for around $200, we would be immensely, incredibly grateful. If you want to contact me, email Thank you so much for reading this, and even if you can't help, thank you for wanting to.

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Burning Man community pulls through again!

Hey all!

I posted a few hours ago, about the accident, and thanks to molasses I posted in the seattle ride share board and just got a ride! for both of us and our stuff! woo hooooo!!!!! I had great hopes in giving the burningman community a cry for help, and I was right! you guys are all great, I love that BM brings out the best in so many people. Thank you all who replied it really did keep my hopes up, and it helped with the after shock that is still going on after the accident. Thank you all, this is another successful burningman story!

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Playa conditions - no, really....

In case you didn't see ziptie's comment on pyrrhus's post yesterday, word is getting around that the "DPW report PLAYA CONDITIONS" email was, in fact, a hoax.

[burningman-bcwa] ATTN: Playa Conditions Email is a HOAX!!!

That's right folks. Apparently "that" email floating around warning you of daily dust storms was just a PRANK trying to get you all riled up and freaked out about the potential for daily white outs.

As it turns out, playa conditions this year are much better than the email would lead you to believe. The playa this year is much more hard pack than it has been in years past, NOT the crispy "potato-chip" kind of surface that powderizes so easily, as the hoax email would lead you to believe.

In fact, it seems that you can actually expect LESS dust than in the past couple of years.

We're trying to figure out where this prank originated (no, it was not Peterman or Ivan I know what you are thinking) because this thing has already gone far and wide and caused enough trouble. We're pretty sure that we've narrowed it responsibility to DPW and the other on-playa crews (which, when you think about it is pretty obvious).

If you have forwarded that email on, you may want to send out a follow up email letting people that it was all a hoax.
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Ride out to from Las Vegas on Friday the 25th


Hi, we have 3 seats in coming from Las Vegas on the Friday the 25th. There should be plenty of room for bags (it's an RV), but not much room for sleeping because of all the stuff.

This is the rough plan:

Pick up everyone at the airport (LAS) at 5pm
Head to North Vegas for a supply run at Super Walmart
Head out for the playa that night
Make another supply run at the Safeway halfway there (dry ice)
Pick up a camping license
Camp out at Pyramid Lake until we line up on Sunday night

It would be great if you could help out with gas. Please email me at Don't reply here because I'm posting this in other places and so it's better to just email me.

Love and hugs,
Kim and F'jord