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LiveJournal Camp @ Burning Man's Journal
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Friday, August 18th, 2006

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In case anyone is interested in Letterboxing:
I've created a letterbox that will be at Burning Man. The clues are listed on Atlasquest.com, just look for boxes near Gerlach.
TapeTown Franchising Opportunity
Are you all set with something to give to city?

If not, well then I have got a proposition for you... 

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Ticket needed
Anyone have a ticket for sale? Please email me at foxy_rox_c at yahoo dot com. Thanks so much! - foxy
At first, i was going to miss the burn this year. This made me quite sad. But then i had two instances of people showing me great love and helping me to aquire tickets at the initial price. This means i have TWO tickets and am only ONE person.

If you need a ticket to this year's burn for the initial price (plus the fees and mailing and such), contact me at batosai at livejournal dot com.

and everyone else, SEE YOU ON THE PLAYA!!!!

Current Mood: loved
Drink Water!
So I'm thinking about making some Drink Water Campaign Buttons for the playa this year. Here's my latest button design. What do you think?

Current Mood: Drink Water!
Another quickie
Sorry, I know newbie questions are silly, but I have to ask them since I haven't found answers for them.

Which would last longer/not stain as much while on the Playa? White tennis shoes or Black?

Will all the dust/constant sun on our clothes dull them permanently?

Is it best to only take a few pieces of clothing and re-use them? Or to bring different changes for every day? I would hate to pack enough clothes to last me all week, (plus spares) and then wind up only using a few of them. I know it changes person to person, but any advice is good advice for a newbie.

Thanks for listening!

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