August 24th, 2006


Arrival time?

Last year (our first) we arrived at the gate, pre-dawn (2am) on Monday morning. There were no lines, no traffic, and we found a perfect spot to camp right away.

This year, we're debating arriving on Monday afternoon, instead. So, my internet burner friends, how bad does the Gerlach traffic and the lines at the gate get on Monday afternoon? How about late Monday morning? Is it something we should try to avoid at all costs, or is it just a short delay? I can guess, but I know a lot of you have much more experience with this kind of thing.

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playa gear

as we all busily pack away all our crazy gear for the playa, i thought it might be fun to share what people consider playa essentials, and any other good gear tips people have discovered over the years. what were the few items that you are most glad you brought with you last year, what essential items do you wish you had brought, and what fun new discoveries have you made since last year?

My essential items:

- nasal spray. i'm so glad my friend Jackie warned me about playa boogers in advance! The saline nasal spray really helped my very dry nose last year.
- sippy cup! Great for hitting up all the wonderfuly generous bars on the playa without wasting a cup. You can also dance/pee/whatever while drinking! This year I am going to use a balloon as a little condom to keep playa out of my sippy cup and camelback spouts when not in use. See Camelback below =>

Items I wish I had had:

- listerine. there was a lot of strep throat and other fun infections going around camp last year. didn't help that we were all making out with each other! i think some listerine gargling action would have helped keep that more under control. all i had last year was tea tree oil, which is ok by me, but most people can't handle the taste.
- eye mask. again, something to help me get some more sleep after the sun rises.

New discoveries:

- magnetic tent fans! I'm all about trying to get my tent a bit cooler this year so I can try and get some more sleep in the morning before abandoning ship and crashing in a hamock in the dome. These should help a lot, and I'll also use their big magnets to help secure the solar blanket I'm using as a dust shield on the vents on my tent.
- extra large zip-lock bags. now available in XL and XXL!! great of packing stuff up that you're just gonna keep unpacked at the playa or use for setup, no need for more bulky plastic containers.

Camelbacking in style

One other suggestion I have is to really trick your camelback out with everything you need for a day's adventure on the playa. I got a bike style 2.0 L one (Rogue model?) that is great. Lightweight, not hot, carries enough water for several hours. It is important to get a camelback with some pockets. Then fill it up with all the little essentials such as: suncreen on a stick, chap stick, eye drops, condoms, lube, energy bar, hand sanitizer, etc. I also used some caribeaners to attach my goggles, dust mask, and sippy cup to my pack. That way when I'd just fill up my pack with water and hop on my bike and didn't always have to run back to camp cos I forgot something :)
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Ticket for sale.

I have a $250 ticket for sale. I'm not going to be able to attend this year, so I'm letting it go for $200. It's a will call ticket, and I will be more than happy to provide you with my ID.

Anyone interested?