August 25th, 2006

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I would like to take this opportunity to tell you all to have a GREAT TIME on the playa this year. As some of you know, I am a LAMPLIGHTER. The lamplighters light the playa and need the help of many of you each night. Please join in the great pleasure and PARTICIPATEEEEEE in lighting Black Rock City for a night or two. All you have to do is grab everyone you know and show up to the lamplighters chapel off center camp (the tent with a quadrillion lamps in it) and sign up on a route. It is such a thrill to light the city and we need YOUR HELP to do it! Visit lamplighters FAQ for more info.


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Occultists' Cocktail and Mummy Unwrapping Soiree
Wednesday 7:00-9:00 pm
Temple of All Gods Cell in the Mad Scientists Collective
@3:00 and Esplanade

Magicians, Sorcerers, Witches, Sacred Whores, Chaotes, Priests and all other practitioners of Thee Magickal Arts take heed... the Temple if All Gods will be hosting an Occultists' Cocktail and Mummy Unwrapping! We will be unwrapping a freshly unearthed Mummy to observe first hand the ancient Mysteries of the mighty Egyptians, as well as exchanging knowledge and techniques to hone our mastery of the Unseen Forces and enjoy the Dark Music of the Fallen Seraphim.

(To step out of period patter for a moment: don't miss this opportunity to network with your fellow magicians, occultists and scholars of the esoteric on the Playa. We'll be spinning dark ambient, trip-hop and industrial. Feel free to bring a personal performance, your favorite spirits, your concubines and your cabana boys.)

The Temple of All Gods is a multi-dimensional spiritual expression of the God/Goddess within each person through dancing, trance and induced altered states, erasing the veil between the physical/spiritual through art and music, tantric intoxication of the flesh and spirit possession in order to reach a state of pure ecstatic bliss. In more practical terms, the TAG project is a collection of magickal individuals and groups from a myriad of different paths and traditions such as African Diaspora, Gardnerian Wicca, Thelema, Tantra, Feri, Hedge Wizardry, Buddhism and Chaos Magick. We are building a public temple space with the goal of consciously working with the magick of Burning Man. The Temple will be open to all of the magicians, witches, and shamans of the Playa when it is fully realized in 2007. Throughout the week we will be weaving a variety of invitational rituals and incantations for the gourmet magician; visit
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Some last minute questions from a virgin burner:
  • Which type of goggles do you recommend? (ski?)
  • Where's a good place to get said goggles in San Francisco?

  • Where is 'the "burner" store on Haigt Street' and what is it called? That seems like the place for my last minute preparations.

Cheers and see you on the playa!
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Let the excitment begin! Advice?

Well, my co-conspirator for this years burn just dropped out unexpectedly leaving me on my own! whee!

I've never gone to burning man *ON MY OWN* before...I've always gone as part of an organized camp or group. My adrenaline is pumping just thinking about the adventure that is in front of me! Although, it is a little scary because we had our camp all planned out and preparations made but now it's just me.

My plans have to adapt dramatically as well. We were planning on driving from Seattle to BRC in his van with our shade structure we've been working on and using mostly his camping gear...I dont have a vehicle of my own so I cant haul any of that now. My adjusted plan is to fly into Reno and eqiup myself there since the stuff I can take on an airplane is limited.

I'd like to ask for some last-minute advice from anyone who cares to give it. Here are the logistics I'm worried about and what my initial thoughts are:

Extra ticket - $185. I'm pretty sure I can offload this really quickly on craigslist or even at the gate if need be.

Shelter - I've got a 4 man dome tent which I'll be bringing including an air mattress and a camp chair. My plan is to line the inside of the tent with my 5 gallon water jugs rather then drive rebar into the playa. I'll get extra water for just this purpose.

Shade - I dont have a shade structure plan any more...grr. Any advice on how to quickly manage this myself in a cost effective/easy manner? I've always done the dome thing so I've never dealt with a tent totally exposed to the elements. Not sure what I should do. Is a big airy tent livable on its own? Any tips? Maybe I can get a big golf umbrella for when I'm sitting in the chair during afternoon naps?

Food/Water - Since I have to equip in Reno I'm going to go to costco and buy cooler and load it non-perishable foods...canned soups + fruits. I figure anything I have left over I can donate to the DPW during exodus..maybe they'll want the cooler too? For water I'll get a bunch of those 5 gallon jugs.

Supplies - Pick up first aid kit and survival gear in Reno.. vinegar/moisturizers/sun block

Costumes/Clothing - Most are foldable so should be able to pack like regular clothing...I hope the people who x-ray dont think the el-wire is bomb or anything!

Heh, as you can see I'm in ultra-last-minute mode here.. It just goes to show that you can never be TOO prepared... I thought I had everything handled until about 15 minutes ago and now I'm starting from scratch!
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