August 28th, 2006

despratelly needing a ticket

Hello all wonderful burning man folk.
I despratelly need a ticket, I oraginally wasnt going to go to the playa this year, but things have suddently changed- new job and a sergery, and a small window of time has opened up to make it out there this year. Only thng is, tickets are no longer sold on line, and I cant get out there until late friday night, after the box office is closed. So please, if anyone has/knows anyone who has an extra ticket, please let me know. Feel free to call. (650) 743-9884.
Thanks and much love
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An emergency has come up and I will not be heading out this year - I receieved a scholarship ticket and I desperately need to know who I contact so that the ticket might go to someone else...

...I do not want to be disqualified next year and I do not want someone able to make the trip to go without.

Any help is greatly appreciated!