August 30th, 2006

clara bow
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since i couldn't make it out there this year, and since i am missing it terribly, today i decided to dress as if i were there. some wacky clothes, some flashing lights and a straw hat, and here i go. i'm thinking of making a small wooden man out of popcicle sticks and maybe some friends and i will light it with a lighter and we'll dance in a small circle at dusk tonight. hey, ya do what you can.

BM ride

Hello all fabulous burners,
I was hoping someone out there would be heading out to the playa late Friday afternoon who I could catch a ride with. I really can’t leave earlier as I agreed to work last week (when I wasn't planning on going to BM this year). If I meet up with my camp as planned, I will only need a ride one way. Please, anyone who could be leaving around that time, or knows someone who could be leaving around that time, grab my cell # from below and don’t hesitate to call and leave a message.
Much Love
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