September 4th, 2006

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Temple of Hope, 2006

Photographed from inside the burn perimeter on Sunday night, ten minutes before the Temple of Hope was burned.

I hope everyone's Burn went well, and travels were safe and expedient. I'll be posting more of my photos to my flickr page soonish. I'm still on playa for another week, doing geekery and other mischief.
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Just got home from Burning Man. That was fun. Anybody who stopped by Mad Science (next to Pancake Playhouse in the 9:00 plaza) for our demos or games, hi. :)

Now I just need to unpack the car, wash clothes and pack for a work trip tomorrow, lol, definitely not the usual decompression.

Hope everybody else had an amazing time!
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End Up
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Decompress or just Catch Up

I have been slowly catching up on my friends lists. I have sprinkled some comments here and there and will continue to do so.

In the mean time, I have uploaded photos to a new BM06 Gallery

It contains what I have choosen to share of the 92 photos I took. Yes, I'm making you visit the gallery to see them.

Saturday Thoughts:
"On Saturday, everyone turned from the man. They turned toward the mountain. They turned to see the most beautiful colors of the sunset. Another day of lovely playa weather yielded a unprecedented sunset. So beautiful it was, that it captured the attention and anticipation of everyone on the playa, before the burn."

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Bobby who has the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen and pink hair who so graciously asked me, a lonely dancing wine-swilling cyborg, to join him for sunrise after dancing after the Man burned, if you're here, know that you made my night, and I supremely regret not joining you. <3<3<3
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Bman Lesbians?? :D

To the lesbians we met in the Belgian Art Waffle (Galen and Melissa? Was that their names?): How was your night? We didn't go to Spike's, and you didn't return to the Waffle, and I'm mighty curious!

If anyone knows these gals and can direct me to them or them to me, do tell, please!