September 6th, 2006

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I have returned from this year's adventure out on the playa.
Unfortunately, I forgot my list of peoples' addresses. :(
And my SuDoKu board didn't work out... I need stronger magnets or some other way to attach numbers to the board.
I didn't go out too much to see all the artwork. It seems to get harder and harder when your camp keeps growing and the more years you go. Maybe it's just me. I keep telling people it's because I'm jaded, but that's not true... I wanted to go out and visit as much as I could. Same thing as far as picture taking. I did take a lot of pictures... but mostly of campmates when we were hosting parties.
I have not uploaded any pictures to my website yet... but here is a preview:


Girl at Empire Store

On Thursday, I took the shuttle down to Empire for a change of scenery, and there was a girl sitting in front of the store with her finger in the air...the international symbol for "I need a miracle."

She had hitchhiked from South Carolina with her boyfriend, but had lost her ticket. He had gone ahead to the festival, leaving her sitting there hoping and waiting for a free ticket. She was newly pregnant, and they were going to Wyoming afterwards where he had found work on an oil rig.

Did anyone else talk to this girl, or know whatever happened to her? Her story really resonated with me, and I want to know how things turned out.