September 9th, 2006

My little project

This was the first year I built a big piece for the playa but I didn't really get a lot of good photos of it (too busy working and having fun!).

If anyone has any pics of this, especially at different times of the day/night, different angles, etc., please send 'em my way. Thanks!! :)

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All are available at higher resolutions for your desktop pleasure for a price of $0.00
Please mail all payments to
P.O. Box 333
Holy Kingdom, HE

On a more personal note, I had a fucking amazing burn this year, and I hope that everyone else did too. There was some UNREAL art this year and I met so many awesome people. Thank you to ALL participants for making this an unforgettable year.
burning man
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Burning Man pictures

I finally uploaded some of my pictures to my website.
I didn't go out very much to visit the City, so you won't find too much you haven't already seen. We did have a Wine 'N Cheese Party at Hey! Camp on the eve of the Burn, so a few of the people attending are seen. (We didn't have so much wine as we did a lot of other refreshing alcoholic beverages!)
To visit the album containing only the images from this year's Burn, click the image below:

Or if you want to visit images from all my burns or see any of my other pictures, simply go to:
(warning...may contain nudity)
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Thanks to all who have already been looking at my photos from this year. Tomorrow I will probably add a few more to the directory, and hopefully try to caption as many of the pictures as I can. I still have some hot-air balloon and camp-mate pictures to upload, along with a couple of a sun-rise, a couple of the "twister" near Center Camp, and some of Kid Beyond. I'll post another update when that has been accomplished.