September 14th, 2006


a photo or video

has anybody out there come across, or happen to take a photo or video of the GForce machine that was out on the playa behind a fence. It had an engine with a propeller on one side, and a seat on the other, and then, similar to the pilots in the air force go through, it'd spin in a circle really fast. We watched one guy reach ALMOST 4 G's with this thing, before he passed out, and then proceeded to vomit when he got off, but it was pretty fricking amazing to watch.. out there.. on the playa.

so.. anybody? :)

First-Timer's Story

Hi all. 2006 was my first year at Burning Man, and it was quite the experience. I wrote a first-timer's account in the hopes of having it published on the official BM site. (Acceptance is pending.) Anyway, a friend of mine recommended I check out the group and post it here. All feedback in appreciated. :)

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