September 15th, 2006

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ok i read this beatuiful post that kittykatcher wrote. i think it sums up how most of the burners feel. this year was just as profound as any other year, but has anyone noticed the difference in the moop factor this year? even on tuesday when we went out to the temple to check out where we wanted to do our ceremony we saw a lot of moop. we picked up a bunch the whole way to the temple and back. the moop was really bad at the dragon burn, as well as the man burn!

i know the DPW feels dissolution with the participant (burners) because they feel we don't care, appreciate, or understand how much they do. as a result we had a very bad experience on the playa with a few of them on thursday or friday night. i don't remember. we were walking from center camp towards the thunderdome when we saw two cars crashing into each other. hitting the front ends into each other. i am sure we found as much joy in it as the next person. we cheered them on just as much as the next, but when one of them broke the headlight of the other and left a pile of huge glass shards on the playa in a high traffic area. i caught up with one of the cars, while my husband stood over it to keep people from hurting themselves. i told the driver that she broke the headlight and as a result there was glass all over the playa. she shook my hand told me her name and said that she would be on the playa long after i had gone home cleaning up the mess i had left behind. all the while the guy in the back slurring over her that he shits headlights and would have no problems fixing it. let me tell you that was an experience i could have done without. if it had been something we could have clean up on our own we would have done so, i was not about to pick up glass with my bare hands and get hurt. there was not enough light and they were playing crash em up cars in that area still. i told her i wasn't worried about the moop, i was worried that someone would get hurt! sorry to say we left it where it was, to get out of the way of the drunk DPW smash me up derby. if you are that unhappy doing DPW then maybe you should not be doing it?

another experience that i am still trying to laugh off is the day i yelled out to one of the trucks offering breakfast to show our appreciation of all their hard work. they stopped and one of them thanked me and then asked me if i would take my top off so he could take a picture of me in front of his truck. i can't remember if it was johnny on the spot or DPW. i don't know one side of me is laughing thinking that it's just burning man, but then i think no! no that's not right! if i had been topless when i stopped them then it would have been ok to ask for the picture but to ask me to get topless so they can take a picture is putting me on the spot! it made me uncomfortable!

i think that all this stems from the mass diluting of the burners with the fun find cliquey fools who don't care about the playa creed. LEAVE NO TRACE! EX...

here was this girl taking a shower just as she pleased on the corner of two of the main streets closest to center camp! i won't say where just in case someone knows them, but i hope if this was your camp that you will try to understand that what you do effects all of us!! if we let things like this keep happening then we will not be able to get a permit from the Bureau of Land Management for the next years burn! that means no more burning man! most of all is the effects on the environment (the playa) for many years to come. i took this picture because it broke my heart to see, and i did know what to do about it. i didn't want to tattle tale on them, but my heart just didn't want to let it go so i took the picture thinking that something would come to mind. i am as of yet at a loss. :(
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Buringman RV Rental

I want to rent an RV for Burningman 2007.  Did anyone else rent one and/or know a good website.  I live in Michigan, but if need be, I will fly out there and then rent one from some place closer to BRC.

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