December 28th, 2006

bm 06

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instead of sugarplums dancing in my head on christmas eve i had visions of black rock dancing in my head. i dreamed that me and my husband took some friends out to see black rock city before it was occupied by the citizens of black rock. we were walking out to the city and around the edge was a bunch of the DPW sitting around and drinking as we walked by they started calling nasty comments to us. told us to go the f*** away, that they had to put up with for a week and that was bad enough. i told them to "go to hell you elitist ass wholes, shut the f*** up!" we just kept walking right past them. you could see the beginning of the city frame work that was being laid out, as we walked out my husband found a picture in the dust and there was writing to a loved one on it. he started to put it back out of respect and i told him no lets take it to the next temple burn and burn it for them. as we got to the center of the city i saw this dust cloud that was in the form of a man! it was ethereal! we all just stood there in awe watching it as it just hung in the air. i looked at our friends faces and saw the look. you know the one! the look that says they are hooked, and will be burners for life! it was the best christmas dream i have ever had!