January 4th, 2007



I just finished eight days in a row. Basically, my entire post-Christmas season was spent working. Now I have two days off.

And guess what? I FINALLY finished (more or less) editing my Burning Man photos! It seems like I've been working on this forever. I'll probably put them up in raw form in the next couple days, then eventually I'll include captions and so forth. So you'll see them soon, even if the stories behind them will probably have to wait even longer.

Just a couple favs in the meantime...

240 days till burns, baby!

Alright. It's about that time to start making hotel reservations, and I'm looking for suggestions.

Flying in, I'll need a room for one night Sat, leaving for the playa Sunday. Does anyone have a suggestion for some little hole in the wall near downtown? Some Mom and Pop place that would be for around 50 bucks or less? Kitchenette's would be fantastic, but not required. Every online service just gives me the major ones, and the few places I've tracked down are 100 dollars plus.

At the moment, I'm thinking about the Travelodge near the airport, but if I can find something cheaper, I'll jump.

Thanks folks.
  • b_alive

RVs ?

Just thinking ahead for next Burning Man....I remember a lot of people rented RVs/camper from something"USA"something. Can't remember the name. Does anyone remember the name? Anyway just looking for something to drive and sleep in but I only have a regular liscense. Suggestions? (...I did the tent thing and lets just say it sucked!)