May 10th, 2007

Moe Tat

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Greetings, all. I just have a quick question that I can't seem to find an answer for on the Burning Man FAQ.

When do they actually open the gates? I know some people can get in a little earlier than most, for theme camp prep and such, but when do they start letting the rest of us in?

Thanks a lot!
murrly murr

Shipyard news

The Shipyard has 3 days to get out of Berkeley before they start getting fined:

(And if you don’t know, the Shipyard is a community artist space that has been running off the grid using solar arrays and bio diesel generators. It’s the birthplace and home of a lot of playa art, the most interesting, to me, being the vehicle for this year that eats trash to generate power to move and eat more trash.)
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So, you all may have heard this already, but I hadn't, and thought it was cool. Tuesday night of this year's burn is scheduled for a total lunar eclipse, with best visibility from western north america. How totally sweet is that??? I think it will become visible around 11:30pm.

*Edit* thanks to Amberica for pointing out that this will in fact occur MONDAY night (tuesday AM).