June 13th, 2007

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Love Warriors

I'd been meaning to post here that I was fiddling around at the computer on Sunday morning, the day after PreCom in SF, I signed into my Yahoo messenger, and there on the news blurb that popped up was a story about halcyonpink. I'd read his posts here before during this past year and about his grandfather Caleb (who is now at rest), and it was nice reading the article. I've also admired before the pix he's posted here of times on the Playa.

Just wanted to pass the article on to any of you that may care to see it, and recommend it as a good piece with honest human content and feel to it. It was warm and pleasant, like a hug.


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Gifting gives more pleasure than receiving

Science is showing what we already knew, giving feels better than receiving.


One example of where I've felt this was when giving away ice cream cones at arctica to the people in line. People were clamoring for them, and then all of a sudden, I hear behind me "WE WANT ICE CREAM" the ice mongers had all banded together to yell out to get my attention. This massive rapid gifting was intense, but great.

Gifting Question

This will be my first time (I'm mad excited) and I'm wondering what would be good gifts? So I'm asking -

What are your favorite gifts from past years? What were your least favorite? Why?

I'm not being negative - I'm looking more for what about the gift made you appreciate it less/more than other gifts at the time. Was it too cumbersome, for example.

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