June 23rd, 2007

star trek homies

Ok, decided to stop putting off BM

I'm going. Might be at the correctional academy by next year so its do or don't this year! This is what I got folks: 35 foot runs well, well taken care of school bus. She's kinda painted but needs some touch up.
All windows open and working. Gonna take her up to the truck place, have 'em do a quick look over to make sure nothing is loose or needs immediate replacing (like the brakes-hydrolic), top off fluids, etc. Bus has lock on back door but a bigger one would be better.
Tires are good should last another year.

Anyway what I am going to do to make her burn friendly in a short time is:
-generator for the swamp cooler (gotta have some cooling method for meds)
-swamp cooler
-small sink
-55 gal drum w/ water pump(already have)
-toliet (black/grey water tank to be installed next couple of weeks)
-air bed
- blankets for windows (privacy/semi dust control-already have)
-coolers (4 should do it) what size would you use?
-portable radio w/ mp3 love (gotta have some tunes!)
-plastic to cover important crap (already got)
-camp kitchen(have it)
-camp stove (have it)
-extra propane
-playa friendly clothing

What else am I missing, experienced burn folks?
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