August 6th, 2007

  • mykel

Add Your Voice to the Belligerent Blooms!


The Belligerent Blooms need your audio contributions!

The Belligerent Blooms are a garden of cranky electro-mechanical flowers, accosting passers-by with their deeply rooted beliefs. We need *your* unique voices to contribute to the cacophony.

Consider what you'd say if you were a belligerent bloom -- share your experiences as part of nature, opinions about humanity in general or burning man participants in particular, or any other flowery invective you have to offer. Try to keep the comments short and pithy. Get a giggle, challenge world views, add your voice! Above all, be belligerent!

Contribute your flowery invective by sending mail to and including .wav (preferred) or other audio files. Putting your quips in separate files will greatly please the gardeners.

Then visit the Belligerent Blooms at the "Blacklight Aquarium" theme camp on the playa and hear the flowers sp(r)out your submissions. 

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  • flwyd

Free Hug Coupons

I won't be burning this year, but you can share my love by printing and distributing Free Hug Coupons. I haven't gotten around to making a business card version yet, but if you do, let me know and I'll put it with the others.

Edit: To avoid MOOP, only give coupons to people with pockets or come up with a clever way to make them difficult to lose.

Be green and fuzzy for me.
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