August 12th, 2007


After several attempts from friends in previous years, I have decided to join the playa in 2008. (I couldn’t dare attempt to go now since its on the cuff and very expensive.)I had questions since people within this community seem to know the right way to approach for the first time.

  1. How well are kids received? I have a child that will be almost six when I take him and I should prepare him now for the week he is going to endure (camping and otherwise; he hasn’t been out in nature like this.)

  2. How well are RV’s on the campsite? I trolled for pictures of actual campsites and hardly any RV’s were there. I am not one for comfort when it comes to camping but my boyfriend and child have taken fond to that idea.

  3. How much do people bring; props, clothing, food, etc..

I know these questions are rather early for me but after finally figuring out what BM is and what it represents it’s made me rather excited. Just want to be prepared.

Is there anything else you can tell a n00b before she gets there?

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Tape Town coming to BRC 2007

The fourth incarnation of Tape Town at Burning Man will be located in You Are Here camp, near Grassland and 3:00. 

Please stop by,  perhaps to say hello, but for sure to get yourself some tape!

Click the picture below to see  more pictures from Tape Town's past, or for Tape Town franchising information.


the Greenhouse Project needs your help!

Greetings Friends, Family, and Co-conspirators,

The Greenhouse Project is about to make its way halfway across the
country to Burning Man. It's an exciting time, the Project is drawing
attention from people nation wide and will be included in a little
documentary vignette that will air on Sundance. We've got great
placement, and if you're going to be in Black Rock City, be sure and
stop by. We'll be 1900' from the Man, near the Temple. We're leaving
Aug 21, and until then, I'm working feverishly on making this
installation something we can all be proud of. And I need your help!


These are the things I need most urgently to make it happen:

*ART! of all mediums (exploring concepts of growth/decay, natural
cycles & phenomena, birth/life/death, etc., recycled & found objects
highly encouraged)

*Offerings and sacrifices (What would you offer your
future/present/past self in order to heal/create/bless your own life?
What would you give the earth to symbolize your commitment to creating
a greener world? What gift would you give to show gratitude for all
that you have and all that you will become?)

*Natural found objects -- shells, rocks, plants, bones, dirt, water,
etc. (any loose materials should be put in jars or other sealed
containers so as not to create a MOOP hazard (matter out of place) I
have a few jars/containers on hand we can use for this purpose).

*Fabrics (exotic, sheer, animal skin/fur/leather (faux or recycled real))

*Lights! (of all colors and kinds -- rope light, xmas lights, LEDs,
clamp lights, etc etc etc). Muy importante!

*Paint (acrylic preferred, but I'll take what I can get) brushes, and
permanent markers

And these are the things I also need and am prepared to buy unless
someone gifts or loans them to me:

*2 or 3 Deep cycle marine batteries 12V
*Solar panel(s) to charge batteries
*Sturdy plastic bins to pack stuff in


If you have donations to make, you can check out the Project in
progress -- in person!-- and drop them off at my home in South Austin.
I welcome individuals and groups of visitors who wish to see the
Project before it heads to BM. Please call or email for directions
and to coordinate times. If you have trouble getting to South Austin,
we can try to meet somewhere more central if that works better for

And if you feel compelled to contribute but don't have any of the
stuff on the wishlist, we'd gladly take money donations to help offset
building and transportation costs. I'd love to see you in person too,
but in case you can't make it to my house, you can make a donation
through Paypal. My Paypal acct is under
Every dollar helps!

You can also track the progress of the Greenhouse Project from the
comfort of your own home. Here:
and here:


And let me conclude by saying how thankful I am for the overwhelming
amount of support and encouragement and love I have received from many
of you individually and the community as a whole. This has been one
of the most unbelievable experiences of my life thanks to all of you
who have lent support in both big and little ways. I am filled with
so much love and gratitude for everything everyone has done and said.
It's really just beautiful way beyond belief or anything I could have
ever imagined. So, I thank you, thank you, thank you!

With Love and Light (and paint all over me),
Laura Lea