August 18th, 2007

New Colors- Furry Kitty Cat Ear Hats for Burning Man!

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New Colors- Furry Kitty Cat Ear Hats for Burning Man!

Thanks everyone in the community for purchasing my hats! You can still purchase them with the Buy it Now Option or place a bid and pay before Aug. 23 and I can ship these off before Burning Man (they should get to you before Monday the 27th).

Furry Kitty Cat Ear Hats (all colors & sizes) on ebay:

Don't see your size or color? I can make custom hats in any size color to ship before Burning Man. All proceeds go towards help fund my first burn! Woo!

Thanks for looking and Happy Bidding!

ps. All are welcome to find me at 9:30 and the moons of Boreal!
  • scixual

Ride, assist from Reno?

My friend in Reno suddenyl became unavailable. My travelling companion and I arrive at the airport in Reno at 10:53 pm on the 26th.

Anyone able/willing to offer us some support? Place to stay, assist in shopping, getting to BRC on Monday morning?

We're heading to Poly Paradise, 9:00 and Grasslands.
Drink Water Neptune

The Man Burns in 14 Days!

Hello Black Rock Citizens! The Man burns in 14 days! How are your preparations coming along? Did you remember your sunscreen? Goggles? Headlamp? Dust mask? Did you pack enough water? At least one gallon of drinking water per person per day. Stay hydrated!

I'm writing to you on behalf of the Garnish Fire Conclave! We'll be putting on a big ol' show Saturday night at the foot of the Man right before the Burn. We're at the 3:00 position this year, so if you'd like to see the show, that's where you need to be for the Burn! We're also performing at Mystical Misfits on Thursday night and at Camp Suckie Fuckaye on Friday night. Come out for the show! We'll give you a sticker!

Check out some videos!
2007 Garnish Fire Conclave Video
2006 Garnish Fire Conclave Video

You can find me and the rest of Garnish throughout the week at Camp Suckie Fuckaye conveniently located at 6:30 & Arctic. Come on by and say, "Hello" or "Suckie Fuckaye!"

Good luck with your preparations everybody! And remember, Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Respect & Restore!

See you on ze PLAYA!!!
  • veovix

Every cloud has a silver lining

Today all the members of my camp got together to do a dress rehearsal for our shade structure and camping setup at Ravenna Park in Seattle. Things were going really well. We were having a lot of fun working together, just laughing and enjoying each others company. The structures came together perfectly too, the floors went down without a hitch and we realized it really would work as expected. Even the weather was first.

As we were sitting inside the structure amongst all our setup tents and camping gear, we noticed the clouds were suddenly looking rather ominous. We waited a few more minutes, making lists and thinking through our camp kitchen setup, then started tearing everything down. We got most everything done before the first call of "rain" went out. Then in an instant the sky opened on us and a torrential rain pounded us with big, fat drops. Everyone and everything was instantly soaked. We tried to pull things under trees as quickly as possible but it was futile, the rain was falling under the trees just as heavily as not.

We all huddled under trees, drenched and warm in the humid rain, staring out at the skeletal remains of our shade structure. We stood there for a minute hooting and hollering about the sudden downpour and how ridiculous everyone found the scene. It really is an uncommon thing in Seattle. Our city gets misty and drizzly but it never downpours. Ian said it reminded him of a Miami style sub-tropical rain storm. The rain didn't stop and everything was getting wetter. Partially folded tarps were becoming mini swimming pools and our fingertips were pruning up from the warm moisture. Everyone seemed to reach the same conclusion at the same time: "We're already totally wet, might as well finish up!" and almost on queue everyone walked out from under the trees and started working again.

We all got drenched working in that rain but our mood was chipper and playful. No one got upset or frustrated, we all just rolled up our sleeves and did what had to be done. It was a great bonding experience to share before leaving next week and I also think it bodes well for how we will collectively deal with adversity.

I'm getting really excited. I'm hopeful this will be an awesome Burn!