August 20th, 2007


three days...

-get food
-assembly monkey hut one last time
-get massage
-get waxed
-freak out
-drink lots of caffiene

I'm due on the playa by friday. Delivering 15,000 pounds of chai and soy milk for the centercamp cafe, and doing an art installation all day on saturday and then on sunday starting to set up camp.

its finally here!

ok, enough venting/ranting/freaking out.

see ya in the dust.
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Burning Man 2005
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Mailing your stuff to Reno?

Hey all!

I have to travel internationally for work right before Burning Man, so I was thinking about mailing my BMan gear to Reno so I can pick it up after my flight lands.  I didn't want to schlep all of my gear internationally-- too much of a hassle.

So!  Does anyone have any experience with mailing your gear to Reno?

Ideally, I'd like to know:
1) Where you shipped it, and did you feel comfy with them holding your stuff
2) Was it a hassle picking it up (were the open late-- my flight doesn't land in Reno until 7:30pm)
3) How much stuff you shipped

Due to my job, I'm only able to attend from Thursday -> Monday, so I won't have all that much stuff to ship, really.  Probably just one Rubbermaid tub or so.

Green Man

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Last year I camped with my friends and ate the food they'd brought. I was grateful and happy to get to the Playa with ease and not a whole lot of preparation for my Virgin year.

I did notice however that the meats and foods in the ziplock bags bled out and mixed with the melted ice water....

I was thinking this year to take that tip from Halcyon Pink and put my ice in Ziplock bags, but as for the food...does anyone have any experience with using Seal A Meal type devices??? I was thinking that may help in the food storage endeavors!


Burning man 08

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This Tuesday @ 10 PM/9 Central on Criss Angel MINDFREAK:

Burning Man

Tuesday, August 21 10:00pm ET
Wednesday, August 22 2:00am ET

When a bag of chips becomes lodged in a snack machine, Criss puts his hand through the glass. Criss and the crew travel away from the hustle and bustle of city life to visit a dude ranch. Criss tills the land and entertains ranchers by hypnotizing chickens and bringing a scarecrow to life. He levitates a friend around a campfire. The episode culminates as illusionist Jeff McBride? takes Criss on a right of passage with drums, dancing, and a dangerous feats involving fire.

Playa weather update

Passing along an email I received about the weather on the playa this year:

Greetings from the playa where I am happy and well and holed up in my car.
I dont want this to deter anyone from coming, as it's still a blast -
but..batten down the hatches kids, cause the wind is the worst I've seen in
the 12 years I have been coming here. For those of you around when the big
wind hit last year and took our camp down, that is the way it has been the
bulk of the time - really that windy, mostly non stop. The air stream is
shaking and rocking and my tent is tied to every rack and bumper and hitch
the truck & air stream have, and I'm still unsure if it's going to hold up(one pole already snapped). The white out's are lasting a long time, some
well over 5 hours. I hear it has been like this for weeks, don't know if it
will continue through the event. but the green man is about nature, so be
prepared for the force of nature to remind us how small we are!

The good news is that it's warm thus far, even in the middle of the night. However,the garage tents around here seem to be holding up when they have no walls & are tied down every few feet - who knows, maybe the wind will subside. in case it doesn't, i suggest that if you are debating between a tent or a van/suv, you pick the car. be sure to put everything in bins that have locking lids, and in zip locks inside those. if your tent has any open
netting areas that do not zip closed with a solid fabric, i suggest glue
gunning a fabric onto them, closing them up permanently, before you come
here (fabric on the outside of the tent, so it's between the tent & the
rain fly).you can always cut it off later. mine has a few open ones and
theres a good 1/8 inch layer of dust inside, on top of the bed, the floors,
everywhere. had to sleep with dust mask last night. too much to keep up with
& too late to close them off. the wind/dust is coming from the same
direction as always so be sure to park your cars in a way that blocks it
from anything you put up. and lots of bungees, ive been through 20 just for
my tent. phil - great decision in sleeping in the rider truck. i think that
is all to tell - just a whole lot of wind. will update you if it stops. am
still having a total blast, the wind is part of the fun for sure, and look
forward to seeing you'll in a week!

PS - wind reminders -fully enclosed goggles for day & night (not only dark
ones), things that light up so u can be seen, bungees, rope, 2 ft long
reebar - more than you think you need, heavy lotion, lip stuff, baby wipes,
giant sheet or tarp or something to cover all the stuff in your tent (to
stop dust from getting into your bed), and lots of soft towels - more than
you think you need. xx

last minute woe

i'll keep the sob story short.

i'm barely scraping my plans and arrangement to make it out to the playa.

financially strained, but determined.


just as things felt like i might be able to pull them off.

got a ride, still looking for a place to camp, but determined to go even if i have to set up my tent in the middle of nowhere.

my old roommate informs me that he has put what remained of my belongings in the apartment out on the street because he "needed the space."

my possessions being my camping gear, all of it. no tent, no shade structure, no tent stakes, all the odds and ends. nothing. gone.

i should also point out that he waited till my birthday to tell me, which was yesterday.

c'est la vie.

but in my progress to make it out to the playa, this has been a huge setback. a setback that will most likely keep me at home and off of the playa this year.

my plea:

i need camping gear. is there any possible way anyone can offer advice or assistance?

i hate asking for things, but a trip to the playa is all i've been looking forward to, i'd hate to lose it.

BTW, i am in san francisco.


Can it hurt to ask?

Today I finally figured out how to transport myself from Michigan to Burning Man. A friend offered me the use of his car in San Francisco, so I bought a ticket to SF today. And this evening my backpack was stolen from the back seat of my friend's car. It contained, among other things, my Burning Man ticket. It also contained my passport, which I was planning to use to escape to some other country to find an English teaching job after Burning Man if I still don't have things figured out. I simply can't afford to replace my ticket. If you can or if you know anyone who can, I'll give you/them a big fat kiss and/or make you some artwork (here's the kind of stuff I do).

I recently quit my unsatisfying office job for a change of course in life. I still haven't come up with what move to make next, but I have been hoping to find an appealing opportunity or perhaps some insight at Burning Man. I bought my ticket very soon after they went on sale. I have no job lined up, and my savings are meager at this point. If you somehow have a spare ticket and are feeling charitable, I'd be very glad and grateful to accept it. I can also offer to drive you to Burning Man from San Francisco or anywhere along the way.
The Marble Garden

Odd question.

(one last one before bed)

Any other Morris dancers going out there this year?

See, we had this plan to meet up last year, but we were only able to raise three of four, and three is enough for a couple of dances, but evidently none of the ones we knew.

So, anyone?

White Rats Morris

AKA Context
Spike's Vampire Bar
(something like 8:30 and Evolutiony-loopy-thingie)
(I think)