August 21st, 2007


Photo Hunt

I've been diligently searching to no avail for a BM photo I remember seeing years ago ; it's time to ask the people.

I'm looking for an old photo (probably from the 1990s) that used to be used to show people exactly how strong the winds can get on the playa. I seem to recall a tent or shade structure achieving near-liftoff in the background, but the main attraction is a guy literally losing the shirt off his back over his head from the gale. Various camp equipment and ruffage is airborne all around. I'd love to be able to point people at this image in the future.

Any clues?

Update: goachick gets a rebar cookie:

Thank you!
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yet another question

im the one person in the world who doesnt know how to ride a bike. well, not really...i can sort of, but i dont own one, and havent ridden since i was 10... i can rollerblade.
but can i do it on the playa?

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So this year, Dead Letter is staying home. Not the least of which is because, if you didn't know, the Dead Letter Truck was stolen in mid-December!

Plus, we're neck deep in a building project in Portland, and it's honestly more fun.

Anyhoo, we're sending a bunch of semi-facetious 'have you seen me?' posters of the missing DLT to playa, mostly to prepare for our triumphant return with DLT 2.0 in 2008.

We'll be Pirate Mailing bundles of about 12 posters (11x17) to the playa, and if you would be interested in putting them up around the playa or giving them away, let me know here and I will pirate mail you a bundle:

Anti-MOOP suggestions: 1) Pirate Mail the poster to an ADDRESSEE 2)Give to a MUTANT VEHICLE to post inside for the week 3) Place prominently on a sculpture to be BURNED 4) Give to a SPECIFIC PERSON who will post it for the week and then take it home 5) Pirate Mail this poster to a person OFF-PLAYA! 6) GO BACK AND GET IT YOURSELF!

You can also pick up one for your camp at the BRCPO!